Friday, July 1, 2022



Poem:Ointment In Comfort .... !!


When feelings foggy

 Smoked cigarettes

 The cigarette comes out of the mouth

 The words compel to hold a pen

 Obstructs compulsion ....

 A poet like me

 Poems and ornaments of poetry

 Submerged in

 From inside the snail

 Finding pearls

 After trying

 Tired of absorption

 Tidal waves

 Loss of consistency in water

 Open the mind book

 Sits quietly

 For the sake of self-satisfaction alone

 Without friend for self-satisfaction

 Like me

 Noise, fog, ash, coal

 Pens, poems, wooden chairs

 For ointment in comfort .. !!


 Dr.Dambuudhara Behera



Take interest...!!


Take interest to laugh

It is the music of the soul

Take interest to play

It is the source of perpetual youth

Take interest to read

It is the fountain of wisdom

Take interest to think

It is the source of power

Take interest to pray

It is the greatest power on Earth

Take interest to love and be loved

It is a God - given privilege

Take interest to be friendly

It is the road of happiness

Take interest to give

It is too short a day to be selfish

Take interest to work

It is the price of success



Without You


In my bedroom

It seems odourless

In my guess

Without any case


All memories are all around the house

But tired like racing horse

 There is a hanging mirror on the wall

  No picture appears

  Past passing times and days

   Stands itself against me

  And my will

  Protests me

  Hope all goes well

  All the blood gets cold

  The power of the mind is weakened

   Without you

   It seems unfinished life.....!!




Dr.DAMBURUDHARA BEHERA is a poet, a writer and a teacher at the same time. Even though he is a teacher by profession, his profession and addiction is to write something all the time. As a teacher he has been wroking in the Jawahar Navoday Vidyalaya, Gajapati district of Odisha. He is a multilingual poet. He writes so many poem and story in Odia, Hindi and English language. He has been appreciated by various Literacy Forum or Society in his district, state, country as well as International Platform with his pen for penning. He was born in small village Surala (Big-Street) of Ganjam District near Way of Bengal, the state of Odisha. He promotes his specific writing around the world literature with multiple expression in his creation. He is a International Awarded Poet of India. He is also appointed as a Admin and Reviewer of Genesis World Writers Community(GWWC).Who has achieved various awards from worldwide literary forum. His poems not only inspires young mind but also coming generation need for the time being. His poetic soul indicate the symbol of inspiring others. Lastly so to speak that some of creation are appreciated by his country and across the world. Many of his self written Poem has been translated in different Indian language and got global recognizing. Lots of well wishes for his upcoming writing and success.

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