Friday, July 1, 2022



Eh, When I Could


Eh, if only I could rip out my heart

and put it on your palms.

To see every beat of your name beats

and how my heart longs for you.


And this watercolor of our love,

which I drew with my soul instead of a brush

and all those shadows that scare me tonight,

while the questions are always the same.


Eh, if only you could see it all

and if you could understand everything,

so that you understand the meaning of law.

I would know who my heart loves

and about whom my head thinks.


Old Mother


Old mother, what are you standing in front of the house,

staring into the wilderness,

I know you're anxiously counting moments,

while you take care and fear for your children.


You raised two fairies,

that there is no one more beautiful in his world,

but their black destinies were,

now in a foreign land is their home.


And those mothers like you suffer

taking care of you and your father,

in their minds they often return to the old days

and pray that dear God protects you.


An old mother with a sad face,

you hide sorrow in your own eyes,

all your tears hurt and burn me,

I know how much you want your daughters.


In a desolate foreign land they also wither,

as the most beautiful, trampled flower,

they long for you and their father

and with tears swear this distant world.


Be my brave old mother,

let not the shadow of sorrow hide thy face,

your daughters love you mother

she was alive and well for a hundred years.


It's Because Of You


When I dig my nails into my palms

and when I leave a bloody mark on them,

it's only mine because of you,

it's a sign that I still love you.


When tears flow from my eyes,

and my face when they wash pale,

it's because of you who doesn't care

which I still long to be one.


When unrest settles in my heart

and out of fear he began to knock more and more softly,

it's because of you because your name

it only writes in my heart.


When a sigh escapes my soul,

when I'm sad, crying, alone,

it's because of you you're my punishment

because of you this life breaks me.


All the good and bad in my life,

it's all because of you because it's all you to me,

next to you I want to welcome a hundred,

my other self to be you.




VILDANA STANIŠIĆ is a poet from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has won numerous awards and recognitions in the field of culture and art. Vildana is an ambassador of peace and cultural creativity. She has published in various anthologies and world magazines. She is a member of the World Academy of Arts.

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