Friday, July 1, 2022





Barefaced and her hands are hennaed

her echo in the vault of heaven is what you believe

the one you beg for

her voice is the sound of love

when do the migrating birds change their direction?

why do ruins become their habitat?

Wasn’t it the seed fallen on the ground

where the words used to be a dolphin in the ocean

Reprehensions turning love into love

One body’s nestling the other would cracks at sun rises not at sunsets

with the hunger for her giving the taste of a bite.

When she lets nursing with her white milk.

A leaf made out of the wind which doesn’t ask for mercy

she means to take a risk, to break loose from the twig, and to mix with the soil

What do you think o humanity?

Living means to fight without a sword and a shield!

©Leyla Işık


English Translation By Mesut Şenol


The Sky


The sky cries and the heart of the leaf trembles

the tears blend with its grieving

When my skin get wet

your body’s fire dies down through my flesh.

The roses peel off from their thorn

the body of the ivy gets entangled

converging in the body

making love passionately

prolonging the life of the butterfly

©Leyla Işık


English Translation By Mesut Şenol





You already bid me farewell from yourself on the quiet.

I am not recognizing the fact that I should be happy or sad for your departure. Before the uncertainty between your existence and absence tugs at my heartstrings, I have to leave from you. Heading for not so faraway places… There shouldn’t be many kilometers in between. Long absent soon forgotten is the case if one would not secure his place in her heart.


Now there is no need to pull down the Wall, and to get rid of the obstacles. Look, you bid yourself farewell from me, without feeling the necessity for me to bid you farewell.

Now it is the night…


The thoughts about lover would come to might in the night. Why I am talking about love here? You never told me that you love me. Even a single word about it did not come out of your mouth stemming from your heart. We were so distant to each other even we were standing side by side. Why didn’t you want to understand me? The fact that I don’t want to touch your body if your soul would not want to make love with my soul.


Never mind…


Neither you await my arrival nor I would do the same for yours. I would not spend the nights in distress. I would cover the starry sky over me, and I would live to-be-materialized dreams of mine inside my closed eyes


Wasn’t it you wanting to unite only our bodies, not our souls?

That’s why I would not say, “forgive me”.

©Leyla Işık


English Translation By Mesut Şenol



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