Friday, July 1, 2022





France, you are my dream

I was intrigued.

Reaching the heart,

Miracle was such a song.


France, the center of culture,

The lyrical music was pulsating.

As science progresses,

His literature was well-known throughout the world.


France, the center of powerful symbols,

The Eiffel Tower was lit.

“Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood,

Marianda wore a blue-and-white-red flag.


France, you are the city of youth,

The streets of Paris are full of flowers.

Triumph is your only miracle,

It is surrounded by a red plain.


France, a symbol of beauty,

He spread fashion all over the world.

You are an example to us with your elegance,

I know you from Chanel.


France, the defense of heights,

I always look at you.

I am also natural in Ala-Too,

My flowers are like perfume.


France, Kyrgyzstan with you,

The sun is shining brightly.

I will be a free-growing daughter of Ala-Too.

Accept my song, sincerely!




Among the high, strict mountains,

Ages pass slowly into eternity,

I look at this slope,

the edelweiss on it is so flawless


Not everyone is destined to see -

The edelweiss flower is the rarest and white,

At the foot of the glaciers

He admires the clouds directly from the sky.


I also want to contemplate

In a sultry summer, the goodness of the landscape, flowering,

nature can create

Wonder how this flower phenomenon!




PERISAT KOSHOEVNA ABDALIEVA, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. She was born on March 15, 1970 in the village of Kazybek At-Bashinsky district of the Kyrgyz Republic. Entered the physico-mathematic Faculty of the          Pedagogical Institute them. V. V. Mayakovsky. In 1992 she successfully completed this university She began her career in 1993 in mid her school N. Usenaliev as a teacher of mathematics. Received an honorary diploma from the Ministry of People's education and was awarded the "Excellence in Education" badge. Since 2008 he has been a senior lecturer at the department Informatics and Mathematics BSU K. Karasaeva in Bishkeke. Currently studying at the postgraduate course of the Kyrgyz Academy of education demo. She has published four books: Happy Family, Meaningful the road of childhood” (about the childhood of Ch. Aitmatov), “The World of Poems” and “The High Mountains of Edelweiss” Received a diploma of the laureate of the degree "Talent" in the nomination "Poetry" competition of the Writers Union of North America (2021); Diploma in the nomination "Poetry" ("Civil Lyrics") of the competition Writers' Union of North America (2021); in the nomination "Diamond Duke" of the competition. De Richelieu (2021); winner in the nomination "Translations" (3rd place) of the competition "Open Eurasia - 2010", Eurasian Creative Guild, London (2021); Diploma "For Contribution to World Culture" and "Movement Traveling along the Silk Road of Cultures” international competition them. De Richelieu (2021); participated in the competition "Clean water is the source of life” and was the winner (2010). Poet and translator of Kyrgyzstan, member of the Union of Writers North America, member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London),


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