Friday, July 1, 2022



Chemical Cage!


In the old days

Seeing these bars

Above your head,

Would put you
















We actually need to turn the clock back, to what our Ancestors used to do! They grew their own food, to see them through! They fed the soil with organic fertiliser, honest this is true! The Crofters were self sufficient, as much as they could do! Nowadays their are very few! All the food comes from the mega stores, without the great tasting Vitamins and minerals to see you through! Now in the Isle of Lewis, there is a run on fresh foods, the shelves get emptied quickly, if the ferry can't due to bad weather, get through! They had their cows, cattle and sheep! Got milk, cheese and meat to store and keep! Chickens for eggs and meat! High nitrogen fertilizer from their droppings and a Cock a doodle doo! Upon meeting them, the Cock would greet! Sheep for their meat and wool, making Harris Tweed from it, now worldwide hardwearing and fashionably cool! Trout and Salmon, from many a loch, river and stream! Building Black houses from the local rock, earth and thatch, a cosy winter dream! Cutting peat for fuel, absolutely free! Building peat stacks at the back, bringing them home, with the community. From the shore and from boats, harvesting the bounty, of the sea! Growing Rhubard plant's and bushes of Gooseberry! But now, everything is a commodity, where little is free! Unless you labour and plan for your own, self sufficiency! A bee hive, to make your own Honey! Since these days in our History! There was invented a thing called Money! In many, a different currency! Soon, this is to be cancelled and all, transactions done digitally! Run electronically, over computer systems, that need Electricity! All Ones and Zeros and Cryptocurrency! Which is and are, not actually, a commodity! That you can feel, smell, taste, hear or see! But have great value, apparently! What if there is a power cut, or complete black out? What then, would you see? Tills that dont function and a complete spanner in the wheel of Technology!


Just got a message from Richard Doiron in Canada! "Headline news here today; so, it would be an endless array of booster shots, as if..."



More profits for Bill and the Pharmaceutical industry! Much less people on the world, we will see! But you must get your boosters to keep up to date with your Vax ID, ID 2020! Otherwise you will be, classed the same, as the unvaxxed, who are otherwise Healthy! But with limited options now, in todays two tiered, Society! Where the ones who have Sanity, with unpunctured arms, are now treated as those, that used to have, Leprosy! With the majority, Programmed, Brainwashed and Hypnotised by the Telescreens as George Orwell said, we know them as the TV! Or Telly? Where daily, the worlds focus is on a virus or variants? That none can see, which has never been totally isolated, which is Funny! Charts, graphs, death counts screened Constantly, Statistically! Instilling fear in the majority of Humanity! While secretly, the NWO, New World Order, imposes it grip Surreptitiously! All those calling for us to "Build Back Better!" are involved in this Calamity! Cash to be, cancelled soon, then money, will be Digitally! Living in SMART city! All SMART appliances, spying on you, in your own home, Sneakily! The introduction of 60 GHz mm Microwave Technology! Along with an injected chip, known as an RFID, being your introduction, to the IOT! Receiving and transmitting data, Constantly! DNA being modified Invisibly! Creating in some, Sterility! With nano bots in your bloodstream, sounds like science fiction, but is in fact, Reality! Listen to Boris Johnson’s speech to the UN, then you will see, that it was all pre planned and all governments, acting according to the goals of the UN’s Agenda 2021 and 30! The constant spraying of our global skies seen by hardly any! But some have eyes that CAN see! Not believing all the Bullshit, Rules and Regulations that are changed, so Frequently! Unknowingly, they have removed our Human Rights and Liberty! Deliberately, crashing the middle man Economy! Now widespread Poverty, hunger, unemployment and Bankruptcy! We will "Own nothing and be Happy!" said by a man who has a hidden History, of being involved in a wartime German political Party, Ideology! Where the disabled and minority would be, subjected to experimental injections Unwillingly! Which is where after the war, the Nuremberg codes were created. So that never again, would there be experimental jabbing of people, without there informed consent, but now, what do we see? An un animal tested experimental injection, or Three? Only authorised due to a PLANNEDemic Emergency! Giving governments Globally, extended powers of Lock Down, which they used, most Successfully, to keep us incarcerated in our own home cells, for what seemed like Eternity! "Lets shut down for three weeks to flatten the curve!" They said in March 2020, but they still hold these powers Unflinchingly! Not wanting to give them up, in Scotland they want to keep them, Permanently! Power corrupts and Absolute power corrupts, Absolutely!



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