Sunday, January 1, 2023



God’s Word


God’s word is like a beacon,

that shines in the night.

God’s word guides me onward,

with the brightness of a light.

His word continually beckons,

to show others the way,

We know he watches over us

at work and at play.


God’s Outstretched Hand


I see God’s outstretched hand

beckoning me from my toil on this land.

A hand stretched out in love-

Saying, “Well done, my faithful servant,” from above.

I’m going home where there is no more sorrow.

I won’t ever worry about tomorrow.

No more suffering, no more pain,

no more tears, falling like rain.

God’s outstretched hand is reaching toward me,

a new world of hope, laughter and glee.

Accepting God’s promise, I reach toward His hand-

I’m on my way to the promised land.


From The Bottom Of The Bowl

Looking Up


If you don’t want to be flushed down the bowl-

you’d better let God take control of your soul.

The next time you sin, you better think,

or you will go to the Devil’s sewer to stink.

Tomorrow may be too late,

to accept Jesus as your savior,

and enter the pearly gate.




MARY BONE has been writing poetry and short stories since the age of twelve. She has written two books of poetry. Some of her recent poetry can be found at Literary Yard and Visual Verse online.

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