Sunday, January 1, 2023



In Search Of The Best God…….


Someone whispers

May be asking water to drink

Air to breathe

Sky to see the stars

A roof on the head

Or little soil to keep his feet

Someone whispers

Who is the best God?

Listening to tears

Sweeping all fears


Someone somewhere

Sings lullaby for a baby

Perhaps the best God is awake

Dreams light for all

Breaks the shackle

Fixes the fractured democracy

Opens all doors

Weaves life

Descends down to the hearts

Holding the gift of a Sun

For you and for me

Yes, the best God is screaming

For He wishes

In condensed intensity

to be a human- being

breaking all protocols

And my search is over… !!!!


A Virgin Conversation


Does the star ever fall on the palms?

The seasons are pendulums with all colours

At times frozen conch to blow the victory

Why at all we incarcerate in our ghoulish cells?

Why at all we are sunk in the smoky air?

The unmasked nature forms longitudes

And latitudes in the horizon

Who are our Gods?

To whom we surrender?

Heaven is here on the carpet of Grass

Forests, rivers, valleys are the hash tags of us

With all flora and fauna

With the squirrels squeak or hornbills beak

Sparrows ‘twit or parrots’ vibrant colour

All have to search an eternal poem

You can never draw

A pie diagram in the horizon

Curtains are your creations

The smiley of nature will

Peep from every corner

As a flamboyant child will play

Football with the Sun

When no space encounters

Between hearts

Only the fragrance sustains…..!!!


The Mystic Mariner


The mystic mariner

With the   vivacious smile

In the musical journey

Of his own cogent orbit


The mystic mariner

A spiral odyssey

Of the Ragas and Rasas

In the cat walk of the cosmic ramp


The mystic mariner

The catalogues of virgin eyes

Yet demonstrating peace

Peace decoding love

Love drifting oceans of empathy


Are you the musical seven notes,

reflected in the nature?

Or the interludes of

the baptised plasma?


The mystic mariner

His destination is a journey

With his astute aura

Entwining rainbow, polar stars

Butterflies in the horizon


The mystic mariner

reflects the incarnation within

His arena and aroma inscribe

In the pristine elixir


The mystic mariner

I bow for not that Thou Art

 in the mystic frame

But in a prolific protocol-----




SWAPNA BEHERA is a trilingual poet, translator, environmentalist, editor from Odisha and author of seven books of different genres including one on children's literature on Environment. She is the recipient of International UGADI AWARD 2019, honoured from GujuratSahitya Akademi 2022, 2021, International Poesis Award ofHonor as Jury, Pentasi B World Fellow Poet, Honoured Poet of India from Seychelles Government and International awards from Algeria,Morocco, Kajhakhstan ,modern Arabic Literary Renaissance of  Egypt ,Argentina etc. Her poem A NIGHT IN THE REFUGEE CAMP is translated into 67 languages. At present She is the Cultural Ambassador for  India and South Asia of Inner Child Press U.S

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  1. Artificial, phony! So many grammatical errors! The poet's ideas are just a humbug capture of vacuous words and images! I am surprised such poets get so many accolades! That's because the editors do not take the onus of selecting or separating husk from grain and because no one actually reads poems! Our poetic endeavors should be honest and should express an emotion or a central theme! A jamboree of words can not be considered good poetry! Sorry , but That's what I feel.