Wednesday, April 1, 2015



Have you ever met
The meantime girl,
With her long wavy hair
Her life always in a whirl.
Like steps on the stair,
Her ex-lovers are many...
Each one like a thief in the night...
Leaving fast not waiting for sunlight.
They all thought she would be broken,
When they leave her doors open.
Alone with her sad thoughts,
She loved herself more as she ought.
Some judged her unfairly,
Their minds trained so biasely.
Treating her so harshly and rudely,
But all she wants is to be loved unconditionally.
So, she flits through the clouds
Like a sparrow lost in migration
Roaming the streets wide eyed
Just as a tourist lost in translation....
Knowing yet unsure of her direction...
May the arms that hold her now
Be her final destination....
For her heart is sorely tried...
By each journey that lead to him..
Its been a hard uphill climb...
Hoping this time the fates will be kind

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