Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The feeling that all your cells want to,
get out of your body to attain freedom.
Each of them can fly like a bird
light and free, pleased, a
nd calm.
When you don’t put full stop,
at the end of your sentences,
there are no limits, you can continue forever.
The feeling that makes you wishes to be,
a flower with a short life but, happy and gratis.
The feeling that your mind, your hands, your feet,
your body are not tied, are not fixed.
You can breathe without pain and fear,
just feeling the feeling, that you are free.
No string, no rope, no threatening,
no frightening, no suffering.
There is no torture
there is no dead-end,
there are no bars,
there is life,
there is love.
There are no lines between individuals,
there are trust, security, peace and hope,
there is space for everybody,
there is desire to be loved and to love,
there is devotion, respect, and affection,
there is no differentiation, no stratification,
and no classification.
There is no just me,
there are we along with there are we...
There is love, there is respect,
there is no just highly progressed brain,
there is speculative, thoughtful, and problem solving.
There is love, there is human being.
Copyright Mahasty Eslahy 2013

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