Wednesday, April 1, 2015




Salutation to those who gave us peace...
sacrifice with blood
to let Woman walk with
pride and proud
Salutations to those
who brought weapons and hatred
make brothers kill their father and brothers
for the sake of Glory
loyality to King of Arms
those who brought
Aids with guns
smiles with War plans
take farmers from Farm
aboy from Mother
Man should not go for schools
boy born to be great warrior....
told poor leaders
this is their land of great ancesters....
they define Enmy of illusions
people start kill each other....
circle of reveange never end....
poverty ...poor cover green field
nobody to grow
they murrdered in battle field
children of leader
kept in save hut
Loyal blood run in their veins
tell people they Are Gods
serve them is worship
who is object God
shall face death....
tale of ancent grandfather
who is grave lay in hill top....
education is forbidden
it lead to hell
we shall buy Arms
to keep our women save
by Sword and knife
world bend to all of us
we shall govern
till day of Judgement day..

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