Wednesday, April 1, 2015



I have assembled some tokens of poetic myths
It can glide through my shadow under the darkest cover of night
It can follow my footsteps through the rainy mystic image
It can reflect my glimpse in the lost field at midnight
But, what a tragedy!!!
I have misplaced my tokens somewhere into the depth of silence
Where ancient corpse makes a watercourse fabricated with fleeting shadows
I summoned my living dead shadow
For the issue - tokens misplaced
I swear it was not a waste of spirit
I received the ecstatic kiss from the assassin
Obeyed my voice
Controlled my emotions
Invoked me
Adored me –as my flesh trembled in utmost coldest moment
Only one resonant was irrecoverable
The complexity beyond love
I quietly left that night,
In the sealing bottles of semi transparent silent shadows
Never to be used as poetic myths in dictionaries

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