Wednesday, April 1, 2015


FROM THE QUEEN OF HEARTS - Celebrating true friends heart emoticon
A friend might not always say
What we really want to hear,
But a friend will always stay
When we need them a bit longer.
A friend still believes in us
When we stop believing,
A friend will carry us
When we give up trying.
A friend believes in our dreams
And cherish them as their own,
A friend will go to extremes,
For our happiness is their own.
Alas, so many times we're careless
Of our true friends, we take them
For granted, giving them less
Time than other frivolous friends,
By the sacred ties of friendship they've bound
Themselves, always a reassuring presence,
Though one day, we may turn around
To find the dismal void of their absence.
FSamuel@TheQueenofHearts 2015

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