Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I used to have faith in destiny
I used to believe there was another part of me
A special soul heaven sent
Meant to be my hearts compliment
But time has left me jaded
with no sense of hope or wonder
Darkness seems to have the reins
Of this broken spell I'm under
I once believed in unconditional love
And beautiful fairy tales
But I was just a silly girl
Whose dreams were always frail
I thought there would be another soul
Who would understand my song
Who would take me there by the hand
And carry my dreams along
Forgive me my ignorance now
For not seeing my true fate
For thinking I wasn't crazy
And that another soul might relate
So many glittering tears have fallen
In my mistaken belief in dreams
But the truth shines so clearly now
And my shattered heart still screams
For remembering how it felt to dance
Lost in another souls arms
For thinking I could be more than this
For believing in loves charms
But those days are over now
I can see it all too clear
It's much too late for this broken soul
I've fallen into the fear
Don't get me wrong I dance here still
But I know I'll ever dance alone
And though no other soul may hear it
I can't but help to sing my hearts song
Maybe in the next life
In another place and time
I'll finally find my lost peace
And know a love that was truly mine
For now I walk this path unheld
Misunderstood and lost inside
So I'll dream of starry dances
Forget all the lonely tears I've cried
Maybe love will find me there
Lost in dreams truest song
And finally see my wonder
And I'll have a home where I belong
Forgive me if I leave here now
To dance upon the wind
Someday when it's my turn to fly
Maybe I'll return here once again-JK

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