Wednesday, April 1, 2015


As I ponder my past
I ask myself why
why did it happen
As I sob and I cry
My mum you see
she liked the drink
she forgot about me
she just didn't think
Every day it seemed
I'd come home from school
to an unconscious mother
covered in drool
I'd help her up
and tuck her in bed
hoping she won't wake
it was the thing I'd dread
Alone and scared
in my tormented fray
no time for homework
I had chores to do and bills to pay
I'd fix my own tea
dreaming of heaven
I wanted a proper mum
I was only seven
I begged and pleaded
wanting her to stop
but her demons were deep
she loved the amber drop
Sometimes she'd scream and yell
shout and cry
telling me shut up
and not to pry
I was just a child
I just wanted to play
I wanted hugs and kisses
someone to hold my fears at bay
And so through the years
I'd cry every night
wishing an end to this nightmare
and my lonely plight
But my wish never came
and I grew up too fast
and now I wonder
about my terrible past

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