Monday, June 1, 2015




All the Earth is teeming with life.
All the world around you,
the sky above you,
and in the ground below
is filled with living creatures,
although most of them
are far too small for you to see.

You and all the living creatures
around you are equals by virtue
of the sparks of life
that propel us each and all.
By virtue of both biology and spirit.
you are part of that life
and all of them are part of you.

When you put down your sense
of human self-importance for awhile
along with all the twirls and twists
of desires, wants and needs
that are part of human existence
and let all the rest of you---
All that is part
of the living world around
come to the forefront
of your consciousness,
a great weight
lifts from your being
and you become indelibly aware
of what you really are---
a spark of life
that is part of the sky,
the ground, and the sea
alive only for the joy of existing
living in a primordial wilderness
rich and full with life
bright and fresh,
breathing peace,
wild and free.


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