Saturday, August 1, 2015


Q. Ruiz


i must seek the still hours of the night
when all alone i reach for the sweet
tender memories of days that have gone
and left heavy imprints behind.

i grasp the depth of their meanings
only to feel a sudden need for your presence
but there is no more you
to see and hold.

where now are the glances we
used to see in each others' eyes
and the words of love aired at the break of dawn
or on a misty midnight?

a sad refrain is all that is left for reminiscing.
gone too is the ecstasy of a love,
young love which was once hours,
it vanished with longings and regrets.

in solitude i must live
to be neat you in my thoughts
perhaps to hope for another love
but could there be another you?

if the unhurried years shall find me alone
it will still be you that i love
as i loved you then and and still
love you now.

Benedicta Q. Ruiz
All rights reserved, 2013

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