Saturday, August 1, 2015


Garcia Vera
Of all the things
I’d like to be
Expressed in
As fantasies
I’d like to be
The ray of light
To kiss your lips
And hold you tight
I’d like to be
Your favorite song
I’d be the words
That touched
Your heart
So when you’d feel
Your heartstrings tug
You’d fall in love
With me
Much more

I’d like to be
The tear that falls
From your brown eyes
When you feel woe
I’d slowly fall
Into your lips
So I could taste
Your lips of wine
I’d like to be
The rain that falls
On mountains high
And valleys low
To trace each niche
And every curve
So I could touch
Your soul in sleep
And when the years
Have passed us by
When death
Our shadow be

I’d ask of God
Please send
Sweet Death
For me
When our bodies
Bend with wear
And memory
Begins to fail
When eyes have lost
Their lustrous glow
And lips have lost
Their shinny blush
When silver shines
From brow and crown
When wrinkles cover
Each and every inch
I’ll still be dreaming
Of all the things
I’d like to be
When I have left
This earth’s abode

I’d ask of God
A short escape
So I could be
The brightest ray
That breaks
The gloom
Of endless night
The tear that Holts
And laughter lights
The rainy day
That makes
Things bright
The thought that runs
Each now and then
The memory
You loved
The most
Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved 2015

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