Saturday, August 1, 2015




The Lady Red is lost in the grips of an obsession
Unable to take herself away from mirrored reflection
She is lost in the wonder of kaleidoscopic light
And dreams of dark horses and moonlit knights
In all her life she never believed in love's glory
But she has begun to see the end of her story
True hope has carried her away on angel wings
For the 1st time in forever her heart truly sings
Though she waits in the shadows of silence yet
Her eyes hold mysteries bourne of dreams she can't forget
She can feel him haunting her waking moments
Touches the fringes of his glowing essence
The day will come when she stands in love's light
Let's go the burden of walking alone in twilight
Wears a smile that shines thru her emerald eyes
For the tender heart that can see beyond the disguise
Camelot's truest warrior has undertaken an endeavor
To free the heart of the Lady who deserved a forever
Takes her to his castle there ever more to dwell
Brings a happy ending for the angel who from heaven fell

Julie Kops

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