Saturday, August 1, 2015



My love you are my desire
Your warm kisses like fire
Passionate & tender,
So deep is our love
How beautiful you are
Luscious, sleek & slender
Loving you my sole desire
Our kisses of fire

The day my eyes beheld you,
That very moment on
You became mine forever
I knew you’d be mine
Beloved spouse & lover
Our passion & love
My beautiful flower

Thus began the soul train
Kisses of fire our refrain
Every time our lips met,
In a lingering sweet kiss
They were kisses of fire
Fulfilling our ardent desire

God had created you & me,
To be together forever
Our passion so pure
Love tenderness for sure

Kisses of fire it’ll always be
Just for you & for me

When body soul fuse as one
Passion’s deed is done,
Skin to skin in our own haven
Climbing the pinnacle of love
As God ordained it, so divine
You are & always will be mine,
One look into your eyes
And I can see paradise
Our love passion ecstasy
Just for you & for me
As we serenade kisses of fire
Burning with deep desire

© All Rights Reserved ~ VincentAlexander

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