Saturday, August 1, 2015



Call it the religious or cultural ethics,
To shroud in veil in public domain,
To control the inner fire and desires,
To prevent and restrict fools silly prattle.
Restrictions placed on her choice of dress,
The peace loving soul of green plain,
Sanity asks that we see her worth,
No ferocious and wild player of deceit.
Clerics seek to control our gaze, 
And bury our lustful thoughts out of sight,
Let her exercise her emancipation,
And cut the shackles of male selfishness.
Eve, a treasure house of love and care,
Much more than a means to satisfy needs,
An honoured soul of God with all rights,
To protect herself from acts of infidelity.

Eve, a peerless gift of nature to mankind,
Our succor and guide to morality,
Let the gifts be wrapped and covered,
To celebrate her honour and value.
©Perveiz Ali

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