Saturday, August 1, 2015




Come with me my sweet darling
Come stand by my side
Come look at all our wonders
The wonders the world cannot hide

Look out onto the waters
Where the whales frolic free
With the dolphins and seals
On the wide open blue sea

Come stand by the chatty river
The river running clear and clean
Through the meadows of golden heather
As the salmon and trout swim up stream

Take my hand my sweet darling
My angel of my love
As we look down into the green vale
From the peak of heaven from above

Embrace me my sweet darling
As we look up to the stars
Where the sprinklings glitter
With tender kisses beyond and afar

Come see what I see my darling
Then feel what I have to share
In the wonders of this splendorous garden
Filled with a breath of scented air

Norman Wilson

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