Saturday, August 1, 2015




I feel your fingers caressing my back.
Gently playing upon my bare skin.
I bite my lips as you planted your kiss on my shoulder. Moving on down below,
I wait with anticipation for what to come next.

Your hot breath on my neck as you move closer and brushing my hair.
I breathe in your scent and I couldn't refuse to your touch. And so I turn myself, facing you and I give you a kiss. Mesmerizing with your beautiful eyes,
I feel like I'm flying high above.
A smile carved upon your face and again you kiss me.
Only this time with a
long passionate kiss.

I let your hands exploring my naked body to discover the secret within.
And you let me to unveil the mask of your manhood. Together, we surrender to each other's touch.
We break the silent of the night with our symphony of desire. As the moon witnessing our passion and willing to bask our skin with the moonlight.

I hold on to you to navigate our sails in this journey of pleasure.
My eyes show no fear for I have faith in you to lead me to the island of paradise.
A place where we would be stranded after a long sail filled with ecstacy.
And here we are, finally reached the destination of our dreams.

Your head on my breasts, as you're gasping for air.
And I brush your hair softly, consoling the excitement within. Then you look into my eyes and said that you love me.
I smile letting you know that I love you too.
Comes to my surprise when you whisper to my ears,
" Would you be my queen? ".
Frozen a little I then nod my head with a smile and tears of joy rolling on my face for this love story between you and me will finally be sealed with a wedding vow.


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