Friday, July 1, 2016




Whenever I visit the beach, calm my soul
Pamper sand, sea waves under the blue sky
Here relax on the sea cliffs
Love grows, to sail on foam
Then rises as sea waves and embraces you
As a yearning for what is near and far
You greet my friends in the distance,
Through waves
Where the reality sinks and rises,
Travels with the blue sea waves,
Decrease in the spirit of love
The new nest in it forever ...
Near the blue sky blue sea
Have you felt any love here?
As the flagship white between the blue sea
It always is here!
I am at peace when I'm at sea
It gives me hope
It gives me energy
To walk along the sea life
Bringing me the focus of peace
That seems to accompany me in eternity ...


Shortly before something hit my heart
And I thought
”I'm strong,
as the birds do not die in mid flight”.
Sea waves enter memory
to erase traces of misery.
I say God
and mean more
than the bright abyss that opens in that word.
I say world
and mean less
than the abstract oblivion of atoms
out of which every intact thing emerges,
into which every intact thing finally goes.
What word or gift
makes the day shine
requires me to sculpt
in darkness this picture so hard?
Jesus Crist was crucified for us!
About what lives to change the world,
for better life, in this fall.
Please listen to me O God:
Remove the poverty from this world!


Beyond the magical world of love
malformed in monstrous shapes
I crawl on doorsteps
without breaking the balance of life
where nothing substantial exists
just an etheric world,
where buds of imagination burst out.
Over the crumbed plateau of words,
judgements crush,
senses multiply.
As an open wound
in infirmity ceases the unemployment
in this feeble day,
vague as the visions.
I get up at the horizon’s darkness
and soak in the green of hope
the contours of the cloak of sadness,
converting the deep pain
into an absorbent symbiosis
of the raving logic.
in the light sleepy wind
that plays the magical symphony

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  1. Thank You,
    I am happy that my poems have been published in OURPOETRY ARCHIVE
    I wish you every success!
    Kozeta Zavalani