Friday, July 1, 2016



From occidental to
actors are same,
from west to east
players are nearly

From north to south,
from Pacific through
Indian Ocean to Atlantic,
all sea lanes they control.

And waters of earth deliver
their merchandise to
every human heart
they have circumcised
by means of insatiable
possession to desire
every mundane
greedy business make.

Open blue sky-
they have colonized
by means of air travels
and warfare;
earth-they have partitioned
and resources in it-
they have shared among

Their silver, gold, and copper-
are dollar, pound, euro (Doporo);
their powerhouses are
financial and monetary
institutions that have
continued to choke
mankind by means of
unfriendly policy, conditions,
and agreements.

Through deception and threat
global associations and
organizations have overrun
mankind’s land space;
cunningly, global alliances
have continued to rob
humankind of their
collective possessions.

Today, a few individuals
on planet earth control
half of world’s resources-
in the world-eight hundred
millions souls go to bed
each night without food.

Poverty becomes daily
gift globalization gives
to humanity through
poor pay of $2.50  or
$1:25 per day in many
parts of the globe.

Plutus and Tyche-
Greek and Roman
gods of wealth-
globalization has given
mankind to worship;
mammon-material wealth-
globalization has put in
everyone’s mind
ahead of kindness and
service to humanity.

Each day, sermons on
seven princes of evil-
pride, greed, lust, envy,
gluttony, wrath, and sloth,
promoters of gods of riches
through social and conventional
media deliver into our homes
via electronic devices.

Instead of cohesion and
unity in human societies,
what humans live with are
dissension and disagreement;
rather than living together
in peace,
humans are so disconnected
and very riotous.

Greed and corruption
have replaced collective
sense of reasoning and
every day humans are
enmeshed in crises
because of inequality
created by social system.
Daily, humans are
embroiled in disputes
because of injustice;
every time, humans are
ensnarled in debates  and
arguments for lack of fairness.

Continuously, humanity find
self in political and economic
cesspool with no way out.

Will globalization save
humanity from the ominous?
Probably so, Possibly Not;
Panama Papers, poverty,
corruption, terrorism, wars,
may be some of the offspring
of globalization-humanity may-
live with at least from NOW.

Perhaps, it may get worse


  1. Your true the heart poetry is once again appreciated Silas. Thank you for your continued contribution to Our Poetry Archive.

  2. Powerful. Ola Abayomi, you are a mighty poet !