Friday, July 1, 2016




My wings clipped,
Yet freedom soars
While deception hits,
But light implores
For me to close my eyes
For me to let it in
For me to dive into myself
For me to dwell thin
For me to forget troubles
For me to hope for tomorrows
For me to spread my arms
For me to ring free
For me to be the bird and fly like I was meant to be.......

Threaded by Rojas 4/9/2016


She wants to be remembered
By her laughter and her poise
By her sometimes awkwardness
By the kindness in her voice
She doesn't want tears
Or regrets or laments and fears
She wants people to reminisce
Her lifetime's achievements
How she always met commitments
How she led through wars with a smile
But most of all: that her soul will be back around in a while.......

Threaded by Rojas- 4/6/2016

Words intently fuzzed out my insides
Clearing paths before denied
Unlike a comprehensible sound
It leaves indented marks on the air around
Breathing in your scent
Adding more pain to my recent torment
Feeding on recent memories
Awaiting for new stories to blend
Or perhaps a means to end
This suffering of uncertainty
And inhaling in new realities......

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