Friday, July 1, 2016



My autumnal words fell on the sidewalk of Love!
You looked like Autumn… I behaved like Spring…
I found you when I had lost you
In this autumn… of our spring.

I re-arranged my rustic colors
so Love might gain a new anthem
with fluid steps and no numb regrets,
forgotten overdue epiphanies,
lost stolen rainbows
and red echoes with tangerine taste.

In this autumn of our spring
with its golden trail and acoustic wings
the season paints its words as a grand finale
while your leaves whisper secrets to the World
and a puff of wind lingers our photographic memories
as journals left and long forgotten on the path’s end.

A stolen cry, a remembered loss of innocence,
as my desires hung on Sun’s shoulder,
I see a repainted canvas of us
with cycled memories on the hills’ canopy.

How sensual this autumn is!
Spiraling its space… tumbling its distance,
prolonged myself by flaming orange leaves.

During this autumn of our spring
my World turned into a September embrace,
October tinted your presence
With blossoming hues of green-orange undertones.

A dreamy dream… an autumnal fugue,
during lost Summer epopee,
and I breathed… with November pulse.

My soul’s crimson is ambered and rubied
And I feel… autumned…
I left my cinnamon spice to learn more about your beauty
the citrine embers of your eyes under the raindrops,
watched the cosmic dance on your skin, a whisper in time,
my temple of words still carry a forgotten white procession.

And love again… and again… dawns upon my future self
with rain scented winds, thrumming my life in your heart…

Words still scream the nuances of your disappearances
sailing across my punctuated flight…
Of so much yearning… I have sharpened more wings…

In this autumn of our spring, I will stumble no more
behind your voice… as Life cannot be half sung!...

A stolen cry… a remembered loss of innocence,
and I have learnt how to die… by living!...

How do I love you?...

With all your astronomies and eternities
with all your uncharted  geographies,
and left unstudied philosophies!

With your different constellations,
supernova desires
and gravitational collapses
inside your luminosity,
outside your debris...

This is the Astronomy of Love!
This is the Astronomy of Life!

This is MeYou!...

Scrito da Anca Mihaela Bruma

Equinozi abbracciati
sulle labbra di una  primavera,
respiri resi visibili
dal potere del Chi,
sentimenti meridiani ,
nessun polo nord
alle altre estremità...

Misteri del solstizio,
miscela boreale
e fantasia di infusi,
volteggiamo con i piedi dei Druidi
e cantiamo il canto delle nostre orme.

Durante tutti i nostri 27 anni glaciali
mi sono inginocchiata
davanti ad ogni inverno,
tutte le stagioni monocrome
sono state messe insieme
e velato ogni cielo di mezzanotte
con mani Mercuriane
e sogni Venusiani,
tracciato il tuo sorriso
tra Nettuno e Giove
con migliaia di saluti
e milioni di benvenuti addii!

Durante tutte le nostre 16 Eternità insieme,
l’ AMORE ha continuato a  crescere
in maniera esponenziale,
con realtà divergenti in ologrammi poetici
concependo l' infinitudine dell Infinito !

Tradutto da Jagotka Tomovska

I drift each past midnight
with exhilarated albatrosses
and no flights narrowed
within a wing…
or autumn snowfalls
with frigid dreams.

Each midnight
bled dreamlessly
about a hypotenuse
or maybe a triangular love.
Each orbiting memory
reminds me of our Hearts

This supernova Love,
still sings blues in C minor,
waltzes with eurythmic movements
getting inside my Milky Way skin
as your love electrons intonate
my soul’s nucleus,
keep telling me:
“Dearest, there are no cosmic minutes,
as we both own the Sky!”

Such an Astro Love,
crossing moonbeams,
with forgotten kisses on asteroid belts,
as you watch me with your nebula eyes...
always expanded... always mystified!

Love squared by Love
rounding each edge,
geometrizing each ends
equalizing its alphabets,
circling its triangles.

Infinitesimally surrounding
transitory planes and lanes
within our pyramidal silences,
giving new lines and directions,
intersections of re-constructions
compasses and conjunctures
within rebellious Mathematics

Endless rounded prismatic longings
leaving behind the theory of angles
rising trigonometry of the hearts
forgetting about scientific breaths
inside seven circles oscillating harmonies

Love squared by Love
converting the Word into ART
orbiting among infinite number of points
till can be found just a line between me and you
galactically entangled, universally connected
with simplified distraction, amplified seduction
sometimes equivalent, sometimes equidistant
and the sum of the cosmic Algebra in two hearts.

Love squared by Love
in perpendicular stars and parallel moons
crossing the lines in algorithmic dances
and waves of psychedelic sensations,
kabbalistic stardust hologram inceptions
rhythmic complexities and elastic canvas.

Neither perimeters nor cross-sections,
neither postulates nor heart formula
when I am blue and you are green,
answers not to be based on x-y-z coordinates
or figure-ing out to be even
but ever-being presently present!

Love squared by Love
applied symmetries at Platonic shapes,
an amalgamation of binaries and analogues
sometimes with no common denominators,

no obtuse views but endless Mandelbrotian spirals
where human is able to accept a simple deviation.

Love squared by Love
embracing your concavity into my convex world,
summing up the trigonometry of our cosmic hearts
As LOVE tangles between two dots…

Not a mundane Geometry!


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