Friday, July 1, 2016


Stacia Lynn Reynolds


My finger traces the path upon your face, from your tears
Slowly removing the stain, of past hurt and regret
Your face warms, a smile lifts; your inner glow appears.
A light which was removed by strive and turmoil.
Together, as one being - soul to soul; Our connection
Has found its way through high and stormy gales
Because our anchor held onto which we knew
To be true:  true to heart, true to soul, true to mind.

©Stacia Lynn Reynolds

You have grasped a hold, of
A part of me I thought had died
A part so deep, in a place I did hide
Far from any human form
From dark ravenous attacks
A fortress so high
Reaching beyond my own eye
And beyond the chasm of prey
The creatures that lurk in the “shady” places
That steal, kill, destroy and remove the traces
Of shattered dreams, peace and hope.

A simple statement uttered
Behold you were there
I felt your protection circling in the air
Encompassing around
Though no physical touch was found.
Taken back by what is perceived
Moreover, desired to lean
Into that which felt so warm
No fear, but the feeling of adored
Unlike no other encounter I'd been
So here I stand with an outstretched hand…

©Stacia Lynn Reynolds

A dark cloud passed, for season time cast
Amidst a light shone; a lighthouse beacon
Illuminating grey surrounding’s dark hues
Upon horizon’s view; caught in heavy gale
Ship sailing rough waves perceived its glow
Promised hope, set sail on its course
Inner peace- Anchor would soon settle
Upon secure trusted foundation
Where the lighthouse meets the storm


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