Friday, July 1, 2016




i am the clone
of my history's rise and fall
i live through the windsurf
of wishing, existing yonder
like peacock’s eyes
i meet the vespers
of unbecoming
and chaste
the beauty
and the beast
of the best
©  Caroline Nazareno-Gabis- /06/ 28/2013

(World Friendship poem)

we go forth from south to north
delineated the rudiments of life
anguish have probed
excrement of our rhymes
the flux of words and unfathomable bliss
our badge to search the freeman's niche
living for the truth and love in our hearts
be the truest defending lance and samurai
that is the world friendship we can't deny.

de ja vu on friendship blazes and oozes
a rogue can't dictate and ruin the mazes
where all goodwill and serenity breached
freedom of expression is here to prove
even a moribund is now alive to its move
incessant answers to a bewildered
laminating  the labyrinth of dark mist
and those faltered, blindfolded…

the Armageddon will play harmony
standing still amidst the armament
years and more years to celebrate life
where all the tiniest and huge be one
the epitome of love and life is undone
it will be existing all throughout the universe
let's call it as the open book of mankind.

© Caroline Nazareno-Gabis

( A tribute to Emily Pauline Johnson )

Oh Tekahionwake!
you traveled from the plains and oceans
your shadows brought forth honour and grace
over the woods, over the mountain clans
East and West emerged
the voice of your glorious place.

Oh Tekahionwake!
your idyllic existence and soaring performance
the aristocratic air reverberated ethnicity
your blood run the burrows of musical wands
your call echoed for love, peace and unity.

Oh Tekahionwake!
Hail the Pilot of the Plains!
you are the Nation's eagle
your native tongue reflected so many wonders
''Yakonwita'' the words of your heart,
your love never dies
the celebration of harmony!

revised 3/01/2013


  1. Thank you Caroline for your added beauty of inspirational words to Our Poetry Archive. Your work is appreciated, as is your continued support to Our Poetry Archive.

  2. my pleasure and am so honoured to be with my OPA family sharing poetry together


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