Friday, July 1, 2016




Pleased with the ample
hearts that have sensed
the sparkle of our inks
as it dazzles into a paper
splashing the emotion
opaque yet some clear
As we penned our hearts
with our trendy thoughts
we drenched our thirst
with our truthful pens
we are full of gratitude
savoring our lush emotion
we share our tender hearts
we inspire each one of us
how lovely all are we
uplifting our own souls
waving our gracious spirits
to the highest mountain
indeed we are grateful
to have our blissful hands
as we tried to untie
the conundrum of life
we express our hearts
even the less expressible
just to burst what's within
using our bestowed talent
spreading  plentiful colors
to every corner of our sight
as we weave the thread
of the tapestry of life..
we love and support
these arts of  ours
and we strongly believe
we are the masterpiece
the best and wondrous art
of the highest spirit
graced with the gift
of such marvelous arts
together as one
we are fellow souls
no matter the race
no matter the color
no matter the culture
no matter the  belief
no matter the distance
..As one...we write
to grace the world...


As my pen sways like a whirling dervishes
Dances with the beat of my heart and its  lyrics
It gives breath to my ink candid colors
Rejuvenates my heart in a dainty glamour
Giving life to my modest thoughts
Relishing peace and love throughout

My pen is  much mightier than a sword
It chooses words which are kind and good
It has a lot of magical and wondrous gleams
With so much tenderness, it gently glistens
With the sincerity  of my ink, my pen is truly glad
As it breaths the air of sweetness and love
My pen softens enemies' heart
It mellows agonies and wrath..
It sprinkles emotions which are hard
Till it melts from hatred to love

My pen is cool, it diminishes selfishness
It can calm down temper and anguish
Though the blades of a sword sparks and glints
Yet it isn't forever, eventually it turns into deem
Its sharpness would then be blunted
Futile moves comes from its master's  head

Whilst with our passion..with our pens
In peace and love, we are instruments
These mighty pen of yours and mine
When we write with devotion and divine
No one of us would torn asunder
We can always be united, powerful and mightier..


It is a heartfelt lyrics of our cascading emotion
Flowing like a music of our expressive souls
Great poetry isn't measured by the choice of words we've written
but how much emotions poured to which our hearts have spoken
It is a sublime endowment from our good heaven
A depict of an oozing emotions from our core within
It is a burst of an endearing expressive emotion
A wisdom so clear moving our pens gently in motion
A passionate creation which portray a beautiful art
A marvelous ancient art to preserve and last
True talents never have to be jealous with others art
Can't even dare to judge so each one has to be glad
Our writing is definitely you and me
It is how, what and who I am unto Thee
Poetry is an art into which  our souls should have..
to breath with the magic ink of love..



  1. Helen I have always loved your poetry I always will.. I can never get enough of it.. I have shared your poetry..

  2. I keep on telling you this and I will never be tired to say I love You more than a poetess can express. .Thanks for everything

  3. I keep on telling you this and I will never be tired to say I love You more than a poetess can express. .Thanks for everything