Friday, July 1, 2016



The Moan

The light of heaven is flooding the earth
the depths of divine love flows through each birth
let us connect within each others hearts
at the moment with two to choose from the arts~

There stood their souls among the falling
dawn sat before the sunrise forestalling
as the moans were the deepest as they arose
the hurt is vulnerable like a black rose
in the forest that came way down deep alone
was the moan~

Dew drops in the dawn weighs down the petals
darkness, lightening, flames, in the fire of metals
burns deeply in the consciousness and flames
the wrath and anger can be felt that blames,
can reign deep in your bones
as the Storm brings the unconscious so alone
as it moans~

Debbie Brooks. @


Trembling with my fears
everything I knew tossed away
for deep inside I have formed a barrier'
until I write about you~

With every thought of you I tremble
bitter sweet memories of a love I write
I try and keep it close to my heart
with love and tenderness I cry~

Words that could have brought laughter
brought tears, with wishful tears flowing
the kind of words I could of said
was when I wrote you~

Dreams are dashed, hopes are no more
but wishful thinking doesn't help
my body trembles like a fever
grabbing hold of the cracks of words
keeps me from falling~

So I write you in and out of my heart
until I see your face, and your smile looks so sad
your eyes of life makes me want
but the solace of grace and the falling stars
keeps me hanging on~

Debbie Brooks @

A Tree In The Heavens

Reach for the heavens I heard him say
with all your colors that would take you away
the tree of life flies above all else
When mourning bells do toll
All hear the final call~

The stars --- those dreamless Trees
Would fall as tears of skies
The moon would lose its glow
The stream would have no flow~

All fish would fall asleep
In an ocean vast and deep
But cheerful bells would chime
For the tree who conquered time~


  1. Love your poetry

  2. clapping... and smiling wonderful poetry

  3. Heart touching poem, "Writing you " and pure inspiring lyrics in both poems ,"A tree in heavens & Moans " on life moments . The poetess anguish knows no beginning , no end .

  4. Dear Deborah, this is a most touching poem. Your delicate words tell me of heartbreak, in a world where love is vulnerable it can easily be traded and despair be the victor. Let your beautiful words shine for all the world to read.

    1. ahhh Thank you my new found friend.. i love your comment..

  5. Beautiful , Very Beautiful Deborah.
    Excellent Ink - You Are The Best At Poems..

    Hugzz ..

  6. Your ink is always moving. .I love you so dearly

  7. Your ink is always moving. .I love you so dearly