Friday, July 1, 2016




Within the twisted roads of life
Some moments make you feel dead
Other moments make you feel alive..
That moon looks near not far
He decorated the sky by holding the lonely star..
With his tenderness he clicked on her heart
He clicked on “restart”to declare her New birth
In his eyes a brightlight covers all the dark
Many vivid emotions make him look so smart
Within the twisted roads of life
Scattered screams were gathered gently
The moon with his sweet magic
had listened to the lonely star carefully
With the mystery of his silence
Tears and sadness had no more resitance
They declared their departure
while the happiness declared her presence.


I raised up my bowed head to your tenderheart
I pursue your wise paths to not feel apart
My tears are flowing in the ocean of silence
But whatever the distance , whatever the difference..
In my heart ...I feel your presence..
Our souls are touching each other
Under the sky of honesty and the rebellion of tranquillity
I call your name in the morning and the eventide
I call it through the blessings of day
And the whispers of night ..
I raised up my bowed head to destiny
My words are scattered between the dream and reality
The questions are many ..
But the answers are few ..
Shall we continue our life as one
Or the honest emotional bond
Will be divided into two ...
Shall we continue our life
By keeping the “I” and the “ you”
Or separate them as” the false” and “the true “


Within the certainity of pride
Within his courageous acts
He confronted all life tides
He  proved his impressive greatness
in more than three decades ..
A  great man and his name is “Zayed Al Nahyan”

The sunny rays, the beauty of desert
The golden sand grains,The camels patience ..
They all surrounded him to irrigate them
With his patriotism and intelligence
To  built with them an eternal confidence
And having together the most powerful alliance

His  name in history was graved as a hero
He  pursued his principles
and he had never let them go away

His  mind was feeded with great wisdom
He was the king of modesty and equality
With his positivity he owned the best moral kingdom

Through his ingenuity and the greatness of his personality
He composed from the number seven
a wonderful heaven called “ UAE”.


I admire how the shells compose a sacred ground
I admire how you found in them
the around which hasn’t yet found
I admire how they are uplifting and motivational
To make you hear the awaited magical sound
I admire how your hands carry them
While the feeling coming out from your eyes is so profound
I admire how they become your dream’s foreground
I admire how your richness is in them
Not in Euro, dollar, yan or  pound
I admire how to your being they surround
And how they found in your embrace
Their incredible playground.



Sitting on the edge of twisted lines
Looking to that warm embrace
Holding love, hope and faith
While the desert is there
Sitting on patience’s chair
She looks so thirsty
In her eyes there’s an endless dignity
Her eyes become dried while looking
To the lost water
To the ambiguity of fate
And to the dream laying
Under the cool shades

Her sand is golden and bright
in the shining rays of sun
she sees her secret and right
but where is the bold light ?
Is it there or with the moon and stars
for his immortality keeps to fight
and for his serenity delves in billion nights?
Despite the large spaces
And The lonely traces
The desert tries to  survive
For keeping her smile alive.



I’m looking for you in my inside and in the outside
Im searching for you in each heavy tear carried by my eyes
I’m looking for  you in the innocence of child's smile
I’m looking  for you along the miles,
along the time in each word's sense and each rhyme
I’m looking for you since you are a right not a crime
I’m looking for you in the equality not in racism or terrorism
I'm looking for you in the whining of suffocated screams
I’m looking for your touch to each beat made by my heart’s stream
I’m looking for you in the warmth of the sun,
in the soul of woman and the soul of man
I’m looking for you in the whisper of the wind,
I’m looking for you peace
in the moon’s bright light
and in the patience of each  night

I’m looking for you PEACE
I’m looking for you PEACE
I’m looking for you PEACE


I’m a tree
Wherever I stand up
I’m destined to be free
To loggin me: Caring is the key

Man! Look at me
Am I not a symbol of eternity?
Look to how I’m standing
And how to  my branches I’m holding
Look at me
Am I not a symbol of the true family?
The jungles, the mountains, the gardens ..
Witness on my loyalilty

Within a great nostalgia
All the birds are attracted to me
Even the Eagles..
With their beautiful sounds
They spread happiness on the ground
Man look at me
Am I not the symbol of hospitality?

The sun touches softly my face
With the warmth of its rays
The shadow accompanies me  everyday
To have fun together and bear witness
On the blessing of a new day..
Man!!Look at me
Am I not the symbol of serenity?

The winds blow on my body
To determine my leaves motions
And make me lean left and right
For showing up how much I’m sexy
And how I’m wise and crazy
With my apples I seduced Adam and Eve
Till my seduction changed their life
Ha ha ha...and how much I’m crazy
The falling of my apples from up to down
Inspired Newton
While he was laying on my branch
And derived the  theory of gravity
Man!!Look at me
how I penetrated the immortality

From me, you get the wood ,
Shadow and food
From me you get the protection
The warmth and stability
My head is always lifting up
But whatever the deliciousness of my fruits
I will never forget the depth of my roots
Man!! Look at me, Look at:
how it is the world of tree...



  1. Bravo, fantastic, zabardast, bon Bonne, gaoxing, je adore, gusta

    1. Hamza MD@ oh !thank you so much for such encouraging words which I really appreciate a lot..xiè xiè