Wednesday, November 1, 2017




Once, in early mystical times, a sage was challenged:

“Master, why is Love considered as a magus?”

His amaranthine eyes glistening, the sage revealed:

“When finally
the dormant and awakened universes meet
as two beginnings unending
through quixotic  alchemy of metal designs,
where quantum mysteries disguised as flowers of life,
it is then, when Love transmutes and transfigures everything,
as one is everything, and everything is one.

The sage absorbed in his own inner thinking,
looked beyond tangibility then prophesized:
“Love is the Quintessence of the Essence of Reality,
when two are one and one is billions,
momentum when the quantum point becomes the Infinite,
then Love reveals beyond Space and Time,
expanded yet contracted within millennial raindrops of wisdom
endless cerulean skies captured within edgeless time frames
recognized solely by harmonious souls.

It holds the alchemic Key of the seven Truths,
the greatest of the Great and mastery of the ALL,
Grail of Beauty of inner Knowledge,
with its cosmic signatures and esoteric Biology,
Mercurial Chemistry and protean hermetism
inside crimson pulsations and vibrations of Time,
during empyrean reveries and sacred silences,
inside – outside diverse cradles of dimensional spaces,
when “Me” and “You” is not excluded by “We”,
beyond worldly triviality and persistent frivolity.

“How will you be able to immortalize such Love?”
The inquisitive student besought his ruminative master.

“Leave your Eternities to become before your Time,
let the Life extend measurelessly without boundaries,
between suspended realities of everlastingness,
as the parable of your own Existence dwells only within you!”
Copyright April 2017, All Rights Reserved


The Letter fell from my Name!...
stumbling to escape from the Mundane...

I anchored my heart in quicksand,
locked my reasons in a forbidden land...

Your cold cliches silenced my Essence,
twisting in and out of my own Existence...

I buried your memory under a Moon stone,
so, shards of Past and Future could be sown...

My dream... I hung it in solitude
lost in deception... shaken by infinitude...

I ended my sentence with a thorn,
forgot and let go the day I was born,
and... all the promises you had sworn!...
Copyright April 2017, All Rights Reserved

(never say good bye… my love…)

I set on fire all my yesterdays…
I do not fear all my tomorrows
the welcoming goodbyes…
and never promises of forever…

never say good bye… my love…)
as I’ll miss you tomorrow more than today

walking on the edges of the providence

I subtracted present day from tomorrow timeline
Forgot of yesterdays
Figuring out how many millennia remain

Loving you with all your golden smiles,
Electrical storms
Our times dance in rhymes
Even when time hurts our ears

We still have not time to say good bye
As today is tomorrow for us
two worlds colliding in each other

Our love cannot be revealed by trillions of poems
Our moments captured by
Paths carved with trees
Our myths will echo quietly
Loving you with all your innocent youths

My Love,
there is not time to say good bye (end)
Our eternal presents (always) prevails in twilights
Eternity sculpted on our faces

There is no time for goodbyes…
Just an everlasting welcoming smile!

Never, never, say good bye (when the music is very loud)

Stars painted in whispers
Copyright April 2017, All Rights Reserved

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