Wednesday, November 1, 2017




The Earth no longer knows me,
for I am unrecognizable to her.
My lined face creases with the dark
folds of pain, my dull eyes are
fogged from seeing far too much
of the grim, unacceptable truth,
and my mouth arcs downward
in a sorrowful bow, the fruit of a
life of walking through a world that is
slowly dying beneath my weary feet.
I no longer know the Earth,
for she is unrecognizable to me.


The still, silent empire
of the forgotten dead
squirms beneath unmarked,
crumbling headstones
and screams unheard
into the dark, empty sky
with maddening screeches
of countless rusty voices
as the sickening squeak
of decaying bones
and the dry cough
of ancient, leathery flesh
fills the thick, choking air
and drips from clouds
of nauseous green, while
the mouth of the graveyard
yawns an ebony cavern
and bellows out a dirge
to the brittle, bare trees,
while 10,000 ravens weep
a raspy eulogy for nobody.


Like a massive white head
she floats in the dense
velvet blackness, tossing
down muted fingers of light
while quietly casting silvery
shadows on the sides of
the immobile old houses,
and waves of soft luster
across the dull silent lawns.


KENNETH NORMAN COOK is an American, born in the United States and raised in California in the 1960s. (English is his native language.) It was there in Southern California, in grade school that he began to fall in love with words, through a sixth grade English assignment to write a poem about Halloween. His entry was selected to be published in the school newsletter and that started him on a lifetime sojourn through the creative world known as poetry. After living away for many years, Kenneth is back in California, where he continues to write daily. He is a regular contributor to several magazines, including Wildfire Publications Monthly Magazine, where he is a co-contributor for a section on tips for writers. He has been featured in numerous poetry anthologies and has released a newly revised edition of his poetry collection, Shadow Walk With Me. He is also the author of a second book, This Side of Nothing, a third: a collection of haiku and senryu poetry, titled Theater of the Absurd, and a fourth: From Dark Corners and Dusty attics, which is a combination of older poems, both previously published, as well as published for the first time. Here is a writer with over one thousand poems in his writing arsenal. Be prepared for a literary roller-coaster of emotions, imagery and intense imagination, for this is the poetry of Kenneth Norman Cook.

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