Wednesday, November 1, 2017




They came from above
From inside out
From far away
From our past

They never ceased to exist
They became the landmarks
Of the meaning of a cherishing adventure
They were quick to produce smiles
Making fellows enjoy their deeds

Full of energy
With a courage to fight enmities
They came to life
To surpass all the barriers
To be more passionate
Under white snow’s dreamland

Their two fine heads
Compassion in their hearts
Free at last in their age
To make fun of themselves
And to give joy to the world

In fact you must follow their steps
In appreciating what astonishes us
It is all about nothing but a thrilling love…

For Eirini
Hand in hand as now as it has been
Centuries past by witnessing deeds
Be them heroic or mundane ones
Many fallen in the abysses of time
Legends still talk about the Demon
Chivalry acts were not forgotten
So were not the epochs of peace
Love survived catastrophes
Eirinis do not live in vain

Sorceress of the holly temple
Dictating the rules for a long gone sect
Loyalty to a king of arrogance was terrific
What mattered was not that
Delinquency of the mature folks
Heavenly steps reached out
Down below flew manly halos
Embrace was the call of the night
Eirini divided her inner kindness
Thresholds were set to be crossed
Like hiking on fantasy tops
You and I were all in sweat

It was all about a locked door
Its key thrown away into a dark lake
Miracles were expected in one corner
Who would have been the savior
For the many centuries old stalemate
Nobody from the land came to dare…


The bushes rose to the air to catch the dust of daily chores of the game
A tribe of love and destitute struggles to survive
the harshest realities of life
The wise and old were given a special honor to revive what was long gone

The more flame of passion is driven deeply by beastly desires and ominous acts
The more calamities happen to strike
the most innocent folks of the nice deeds
Once a witch had told the tribesmen that a man of honor would be nothing
If a true character of a love affair would not be proven through a trying testing

Ancestors and souls of fire, wind, stones and water
could come alive in an instant
Where the beliefs and legends meld in the wildest jungle of no man’s land
Challengers are face to face to survive in the hottest sun of that grisly desert

Dragons and other otherworldly creatures come to life to reign a new era
Lovers might catch a glimpse of what would be their future in a drama
Unfolding episodes of epochs cease to design their faith panorama
When a mirage of mundane reality finds its path to appear
in a mystic scene

My love to my beloved proved to be an infinitely re-enactment of a dune
Yes, here we have you and me, in the depthless of a bottomless desert
It is not a children’s play that you can shape
some dough on your counter

It is fair to say, your amusement with the past cannot come back for good

No one desert had made your life miserable in old days of encounter
Wouldn’t you be nice to have all those horrific memories left behind?

And to start a new one…

Mesut Şenol

MESUT ŞENOL:  A poet of Turkey. Graduated from the Political Science Faculty of the Ankara University. Earned his Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Public Relations. Served as District Governor, Vice-Governor and Mayor in various regions of Turkey. Worked as an editor at the Directorate General for Press and Information, and produced and presented programs for TRT and some private TV channels. Served as Prime Ministry’s PR Division Head and Prime Ministry Advisor responsible for international Institutions and Organizations. He was on the Steering Committee to represent the Turkish Government in organizing the 9th World Productivity Congress held in Istanbul at the Çırağan Palace. Provided PR and advertisement services to many prominent organizations and institutions in Istanbul in his capacity as a PR and Communications Company (ADV Incorporated) General Manager. His five poetry collections were published, and many of his poetry and literary translations appeared in many national and foreign literary publications and anthologies. A freelance translator and instructor on public relations, communications, public speaking and voluntarism. Attended in a number of national and international poetry and literary festivals in the country and abroad, and acting as an organizer for some of them. An Honour Prize laureate of Naji Naaman’s Literary Prizes 2011. Mr. Senol is a member of the Turkish PEN Center, Union for Translators, Turkey’s Writers Syndicate, FILM-SAN, Turkish Journalists Association, Union of Authors of Scientific and Literary Works, and FIJET (World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers. In May 2016, he was elected to sit on the Executive Board of the Three Seas (Baltic Sea, Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea) Writers and Translators Council headquartered in Rhodes to serve for three years. He is the Culture Delegate of Spain based literary organization Liceo Poetico De Benidorm and a member of Movimiento Poetas del Mundo. He was awarded with the First Prize at the International Galeteo Literature Prize Contest in Italy in September 2017.

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