Wednesday, November 1, 2017




Fragrant flowers spring smiles in splendour
When breeze blows kissing bliss  in wonder
Buoyant bees struck by all scenic elegance
Embrace flora to extract honey for essence

Sensations streaming  surely sweet dream
Producing with potent  passion life's cream
Nothing goes amiss if we have a fixed goal
We structure its fruition with  ambition sole

Loftiness in love architects all significance
Let us seek it in earnestness for eminence
Life is what we make of it with all diligence
Let us glorify it all utilising our intelligence

Sourcing affluent aspirations for a lofty life
We can discern the ways of ending a strife
Perspectives unravel prospective mystery
Let us script strikingly a scintillating story


Never live surfacing realities with fiction
Passion propels poetry to flow in diction
Exercising control over your imagination
You turn reality into poetry with attention

Many people lead their embittered living
Struck by grief despite their rare striving
Relieve all  of pounding pain with poetry
Resolving all crises in living with artistry

Efface self in all ennobling engagement
Draft  lofty living for all with endearment
Physical frame is not conducive to glory
Spiritual splendour scintillates our story

Live soulfully your whole life with rapture
Enlivening your enthusiasm till departure
The earth is never your eternal habitation
Live by moments to sustain its reputation


Enlivening your existence in elegance
You can extract its exquisite  essence
Genuine joy generates curious. charm
Rendering rapturously all hearts warm

Blooming bliss builds buoyant dreams
Sensations sparkle in striking streams
Sourcing your spirit in your sustenance
You adapt living without any resistance

Structure all glorious future with rapture
You can cherish all moments in capture
You can lead your lofty living  with pride
Fuelling illustrious ideas to relish stride

Turning each moment into a monument
We can strive earnestly for.achievement
Let opulent optimism govern our  course
Striding into glorious future without force


MANTHENA DAMODARA CHARY: was born into the family of poets at Elukurthy Haveli in Warangal District . He has founded five forums of poetry.and got some anthologies of poetry. He has carved a niche for himself as a distinguished poet in the world today. His poems.He is the recipient of the World Icon of Peace Award. Recently he has been honoured at International Poetry Festival at Guntur and at the World Poetry Festival in Hyderabad.