Wednesday, November 1, 2017




For the blooming flowers,
For the serene moonlight,
For the warm sunrays,
For the golden dusk fall,
For the striking birds and pets,
For the entire humankind,
For the divine mother earth,
Love surges in twinkling eyes
Shrouding heart with delights.
Let our love for the world
Let our love for the humanity
Light our inner heart’s lamp,
And implant the seeds of peace
To nurture a human bondage
That lasts in a true spirit, forever.

Why not we, yes, enlighten others,
With the ecstasy of love and faith
Which not only shower eternal solace
But awakens every inner heart.
Implanting the seeds of love and care,
That lasts forever in a true spirit;
Let the ego-infected hate and greed
Get dispelled from human hearts
To uphold eternal ‘love for the world’.


In this busy
Materialistic life;
‘Love’ is just
A mere word
But not a ‘true love’.
The winds of solitude
Behind the veil
Of city life
Drag year by year
Into the pool of age.
While luxuries,
Modern comforts
Cannot satisfy
Even the richest,
What about those
Who toil day-long
Under scorching sun,
Under torrential rain,
Under biting cold?
While hunger
And starvation
Squeeze out energy,
And unable to work
Their survival
Day after day is at risk.
Can anyone show mercy
If like stray dogs
They are left to own fate?
Where’s the human instinct
Where’s the humane love
To feed the hunger,
To free the sufferer
From the clutches
Of hunger and death?


Thought after thought
Creeps out often,
Yet, childhood remains
An ever-elusive dream.
To treasure it forever
We keep on visualizing
The paths we did tread,
The sports we did play,
The friends we did make,
The acts we did indulge,
The purity we did exhibit.

Time, without any respite
Kept on fleeting and fleeting.
The beauty of flowers
Stirred my heart of hearts,
The pleasant rainy showers
Pleased me beyond words,
The twinkling stars
Enthralled my inner self
The bright rotund moon
Fascinated my passing age
Constant thoughts flocked
And illusions pounced often.

Without an iota of mercy
Time breaks all barriers;
Sweeping ashore all hopes
And all fancies of life
Ultimately it wraps life
Within its untraceable fold.


DR. ASHOK T CHAKRAVARTHY, a poet and review writer, India, is composing poetry for the past 25 years. As of now, of the 2000 poems composed, nearly 1500 poems appeared in nearly 100 countries across the world in various magazines, journals, anthologies, newspapers, e-zines etc. His six volumes of poetry viz., Charismata of Poesie, The Chariot of Musings, Serene Thoughts, Twinkles, Reflections and Altitudes received wide readership acclaim all over the world. Ashok’s poetry is aimed at promoting universal peace, environment awareness, protection of children rights etc. He was commended with several prestigious international awards, viz., Universal Peace Ambassador, International Intellectual Peace Award, Asian Who’s Who, Effulgent Star etc. He was conferred with the prestigious Doctor of Letters (Honoris Causa) and nominated as Hon’ Adviser of Borneo International Open University, Malaysia, Peace Ambassador in India for IFLAC-Israel, Vice-President, Global Harmony Association, Russia, Research Committee Member, U.S.A, Centre of Non-killing, Norway are some of the rare international recognitions among several others.

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