Wednesday, November 1, 2017




Wild green rivers amid scent of forest moss
Have overflowed this land with waves of flowers,
As if rainbows have fallen down out of sky gloss...
And the ground could drink bliss from divine powers,

As if all smiles of the world have one face
And all birds' songs have come out from one small throat,
Such an unbelievable sense of huge space
Within landscape of heart that will always float,

Such a beautiful silence forever loud
Like Granny's songs sung at dawn in morning,
Like invisible flowers on whisp of cloud,
Like the smallest things, but still worth adorning.

Some memories are forever young like spring
And dreams bloom anew in spite of everything...


Couldn't stop their hearts
Of those magnetic glances,...
When the youngest season
Went out of their eyes
And each short moment was
Like an eternal spring,
But now it lingers and pines
Like this river of never- ending longing...


It must be something more
in this world of colourful plumes,
Something more than different pasta shapes
and more than plagiarism of life and death,...

It must be something more
than written and unwritten myths,
than sensual and wild kisses,
Something more than soul analysis of Proust,
Something more than words and signs,
Something more than all religions of world- put together,

There's more to it than meets the eye-
there's timeless river of Sense-
in the knowledge of birds,
in the longing of human,
in the swoosh of trees,
in the silent silence of God...


ANNA ZAPALSKA was born in Poland. She is Polish poet, teacher and translator. Above all, poetry is the biggest passion of hers. Since childhood she was interested in literature and she belonged to  poetry groups. Near the end of primary school at age 14 she was placed first overall in her age group in the Polish Literature Contest. Anna studied Polish literature at Jagiellonian University and Human resource management in the School of Banking and Management in Cracow. After studies she worked as a Polish teacher in primary and secondary schools, where she used to conduct poetry and theatre groups. She also used to work for charity helping children from the pathological families.

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