Wednesday, November 1, 2017




The lain land with its dormant, fragrant elements,
Remains dry, secret and sly
Till the first drop comes to exhume
The mossy, oaky scent
From every wet pore exudes
Stirring one to the core:
The damp moisture,
The woody fleshiness:
Procreation flavour,
Oozing from Earth’s wet womb…


We could have lived the thing
We could have worn ourselves out
In chasing fireflies before we sink
Into a bushy nestle and embrace…
We could have let our eyes touch.
We could have lost our features in a torrid cuddle…
We could have sweat till we’d melt,
Merge by the unseen paddle
Into some magic stew…
We could have been perfection;
Were it not for Deity’s distraction…


I am but a drifter:
A passing breeze,
A smack or quicker…

I am but a drifter:
A cheap paint layer
Tough easily erased,
Leaves a glitter…

I am but a drifter:
A tear drop on a sleeve
Lodging till the next encounter…


DR. BOUTHEINA BOUGHNIM LAARIF is undertaking a PhD which proposes on a postmodern approach to W. H. Auden’s poetry and metrical art (Faculty of Arts of Manouba, Tunisia).  She is a Lecturer of English literature at the Higher Institute of Applied Studies in Humanities of Tunis. She has published articles which focus on philosophical, aesthetic theories of poetic rhythm, Nietzsche’s theory of the lyric, Heidegger’s philosophy of art and politics, among which Rhythm Reconsidered: Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe’s Musical Poetics of the Subject, published in “Hearts and Minds” electronic journal (2014). She also has several poems published in the online weekly poetry journal, Dystenium Journal and in the quarterly poetry journal: The Cannon's Mouth and in two poetry anthologies.

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  1. Something simple and interesting to read from your poems, my friend!