Tuesday, June 1, 2021





The light


At dawn

the sleepy light

infiltrates, advances

and turns off in its wake

the night the silence,

the shadows and the crying.

The sun is shining

and its brilliance runs

mountains and rivers,

sneaks into gardens

also in the houses.

Inked the trees

the flowers, the meadows,

the seven colors

shine in the lakes.

The color explodes

the light, the reflections.

The day wakes up

and the light discovers

the entire universe.      





Woman warm nest,

wings in the wind

cradles the uterus, ball of life

where it grows and transforms

begotten beings.

Hera eternal mother

under your bosom,

goddesses and heroines,

they guide and guard us.

Diana, Helena, Medea, Antigone,

they forged the threads of life.

Ariadna weaves with the Moiras

the destiny traced, marked,

the turns of the road.

The wisdom of Athena,

symbol of feminine value.

Joan of Arc,

the golden maiden,

martyr, liberator,

patron saint.

Women, mothers, lionesses,

that protects life,

teachers who guide us.

Frida, Isadora, Marie,

creation and science unite them.

Powerful force, that changes

the destinies of the peoples.

Mothers who save

and who take care,

the sacred secrets

from the earth.






From the rubble

men move.

They smile, hug

look like children

playing in the square.

The Babel voices

they resonate, shut up

run through the streets,

call the houses.

All gather and

dance and sing,

and even from the church

bells are heard.

Peace has crept in

through the wide gate.

A gentle breeze

left it ajar,

and so suddenly,

through the slit

the dove arrives

and peace is installed.

The sun shines

farm fields,

aroma of breads

returns them to childhood,

Life begins,

also hope.




NORMA GARCÍA COIROLO, born in Río Branco, Cerro Largo, Uruguay in 1947, studies drawing and painting at the UTU School of Applied Arts and studies of lyric singing at the University School of Music. Poet by vocation, writes since 1966, published for the first time in 2012, in literary pages of the Web.



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