Tuesday, June 1, 2021





Baby Girl

A haibun poem


Expelled from the womb,

A raven-haired baby girl

Emits a fierce cry.




Darkness Roams


In the cool of the dark night,

Darkness creeps upon the earth,

Causing hearts to fill with fright.


Now and then it stops in place,

Hindered by the glowing moon.

Steadily moving with no trace,

As the nighttime owl does croon.




Seeking Solitude

A rhondine poem


Now and then I stop, and I see,

The glorious mountainous peak.

It is solitude I seek,

When I am alone with just me.

I let the cares of life be,

And I am no longer weak,

Now and then.


As happy as a man can be,

When Mother Nature does speak.

My fortunes are no longer bleak.

To see heaven is my plea.

Now and then.




Brave Heart

A bio poem


Open your heart, my dear man.

Let your brave heart delight in your sweetheart for life.

Love through many a day,

Carrying unfeigned affection in your breast.

Fearing our love would end.

Separating us in death.

You held onto the faith

That immortality you will gain,

As you live this mortal life,

My dear man.




EUGENIA FAIN is a seasoned author who has over forty years of experience in writing poetry and prose.  Eugenia is published here and in Thailand and India.  She is considered an international author and reviewer. She enjoys writing on various topics and experimenting with forms of poetry from Burma, Asia, France, Italy, England, American and from around the world.  Eugenia acts as a preschool teacher and tutor. She has no children of her own. She lives in Columbia, SC with her husband, Ivan and her tabby cat, Buddy.

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