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At the end of the hair, towards the root

is fasten. So small, yet so

great, because of the itch it causes.

It is a source of a real scourge,

one wonders what happened to him/her? Since

you did not exterminate it in time, now that

larva is some kind of louse, can't you

see what it did to you? The best is louse

to be suffocated, and the hair with boiling water

to be scalded, and with a special shampoo

disintegrated. That's why it was said that

small problems arose real

scavengers. Every reason has its

consequence, it is how this proverb says.

So it is with this louse, now an extinct curd.


Larva- giant worm inserted in me, how can

I hold it - in me not to be turned in -

so that I will no longer exist.





Spacious laundry from the terrace-

which was on the roof of the building-

was covered with extended laundry

which spread cheap, dizzy

smell through the space.

Sometimes the gusts of wind

were strong, and the wind was blowing

rough sound outbursts

someone's memory said

that they are from the giggling gulls.

And that memory belonged to someone

who was from those spaces

Dalmatian, with seagulls.

Those memories without memories

ran into an action

of the mind and awake sleep

which is scientifically sublimation.

Because he wanted to be there, awaken

although he had never been there

where he swam awaken

someone was once waited.

He is now happily excited

already middle-aged, and employment

he found and is with BA degree; independent

he could go wherever he wished.

He sat down, on the balcony railing

he leaned on, inhaling it again

the smell of washing, of orphan; which

to him as if from a palace

was, long, long ago visited, and as

so sensitive, now as a man of his own

had visited it. This castle of his

most lavish, will now abandon him;

from below some scared chatter comes,

as he does not want to lose the most beautiful palace.



Church In Church


Its building was going on difficultly

those were some old times

everything had to be done with sponsors.

The scaffolding was constantly collapsing

constantly as like a stone

on someone’s back would be falling.

Although perfectly stirred

the concrete was crumbling, and on

the foundations temperature crack

appeared; someone said there should

be placed a stronger expansion,

not from crushed bricks, but e.g. lava

some type, as in the old buildings.

And this was in vain, every morning

they found everything ruined. Even when

sacrifices of some other religions

they did, as when the neck

of the lamb they cut, then its blood

they poured into the foundation... again

made nature smooth misfortune

profane in its shallow surrounding.

Then someone got the idea to try

not to revile while working

and be kind to each other.

So the builders saw that

indeed the word of God is

to be listened, because as long as

they did everything well and correctly

there were no construction problems.

Their pure spirit had a construction,

it protected them from evil demons

around the church that was being built.


Translated and versified from Macedonian into English by the author




IGOR POP TRAJKOV is renowned writer and film director from North Macedonia, multidisciplinary international artist as well. He is very prolific in all literary disciplines, including his film reviews. He participated in such literary contests as Viaggi di versi and Il mio libro (from Feltrinelli). As a director he did many short films, documentaries, music videos, commercials and one feature. Some of his theoretic works about visual arts and cinema were published at some of the most prestigious universities such as those of the Catholic University of Leuven and Harvard University. Currently he is working on his second PhD at the Institute of Macedonian Literature. Igor Pop Trajkov is polyglot. He knows excellently 8 languages, and is translating his poetry (like in this case) in many other languages. He also translates his other literary genres like prose, essays, plays… , but also his journalistic and social writings which are very popular and influential, and are available on his site PyramidUpSideDown (PyramidUSD). This author is also translating other authors. Up till now – by himself, or by others  – Igor Pop Trajkov’s writing has been translated on many languages.

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