Tuesday, June 1, 2021





Open The BOOK


Open a new book

leave hope to be resurrected

 in new ideas fulfilled by

the sublimity of his illusions.


Open your horizons

to the space of heaven

blue on the colored horizon

to surround oneself with

an open heart and soul


Don't close the book, never !

she is our star leader

 to the prestige of the fulfillment

of the soul And our existence filled

with illusions of infinity.




To Eternity


In quick steps ecstasys

          of a wedding dance

   Let's take me,

          somewhere far away

                 In the heights of the sky.

Intoxicated by madness

      take me in a gentle embrace.

  Playing a Love dance,

       tired to the last breath.

              both we will fall into trance.

Surrounded by the scent

         of colorful flowers

                  in ecstasy of your  goodness,

 FIlled with the happiness 

          of our lives

            Let's playing,

      endlessly on this beauty of the day.

       Let them not stop

    chords of music

let's wait for the night

  together  embraced  

with ours Wedding dance

 to Death.






      With words of verse writting

          I can not touch you

With the verses of my message,

        I can't bring you closer _

  to everything I feel.

With sighs and sadness

      I can not rise,

            to rich you

And I have so many

    unstated words.

So many verses not written

The sorrow pain in

         the soul,   Invisible dark

 hidden, in the deep oceans.

          Far from touching playful sighs.

                        You are squeeze,

 stigmatized, dying

without  Death.

Sabaheta Eta Mersimi

N. Macedonia




SABAHETA ETA MERSIMI, Born 1956 living at village  Zitose _ North Macedonia, married, mother  of 4 childrens and 7 grandchildrens.  Pensioner, humanist, borka for human rights of women  and marginilizing groups in rural area. Her hobby is writing poesy on different themes.


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