Tuesday, June 1, 2021





A Picture Of Life


Give me a white canvas

to paint life,

with the brushes of fate and the colors of reality.


No, I won't use dark colors and blackness,

my soul is not like that,

in my heart there is only light.


I will paint a picturesque panorama,

with green nature and birds on the branches,

with many houses full of heat

and people with hope for the future.


I will frame it in a frame of happiness,

to feel the color,

with the scent of a thousand flowers

and the magic of the solar horizon.



I Want To Be


I want to be love,

where there is hatred.

I want to be peace and tranquility,

where wars rage.


I want to be the Sun,

where darkness falls.

I want to be rain,

where there is a drought.


I want to be a flower,

where there are thorns.

I want to be a bird,

to fly high in the sky.


To sow happiness,

where sorrow reigns

and to be hope,

where it's most needed.



Naked Soul


I put my heart in the rain

to wash the black mud

of the bitter coffee served.


Offered from the jealous and envious,

neither a gram of sugar nor a gram of sweetness in it,

nor with (Turkish delight) /lokum and water served.


I strip my soul too and

I leave it in the wind to blow it

the dust and cobweb in which it is trapped,

neglected, lonely and forgotten.




ANA DEDOVA was born on September 15, 1982 in Kocani, Macedonia. She spent most of her childhood in Ohrid, who is the main "culprit" for her first works and sailing in the waters of poetry. Her first book was published in 2012 with the title "Ohrid Pearls". It was promoted in Ohrid, in the library "Grigor Prlichev" and in Kocani in the library "Iskra". Occasionally her works are published in the student youth magazine "IZLEZ", she won the third prize in the Republic Competition, as well as the award for the most emotional song. at the international award-winning FB Festival of Poetry and Prose, published in three languages (Macedonian, Serbian and English) on the occasion of the FIRST INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONIC JOURNAL under the name "SYMBIOSIS OF THE PLANET". of books, publishes the second book "Illusion" in 2015 promoted in Kocani and two years later publishes the third book in Croatian "Your angel face" (Tvoje anđeosko lice) and is dedicated to the Balkan pop star Danijela Martinovic. It was promoted in Kocani, in the library "Iskra" and in Skopje in the house of culture "Koco Racin", as well as in Zagreb-Croatia, in the most renowned library "Medvescak", during the month of the Croatian book. Ana currently lives and works in Kocani and is a member of LC "Longing". It is a real incentive for all young people to work on themselves, to work as much as possible and to get the most out of themselves. "The Embroidery of Life" is Anna's fourth book, which we warmly recommend and wish you to enjoy the verses of this young author.

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