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Find Me In This Love Poem


It is when the full moon, earth’s blessings 

the sun’s intimacy, scented ocean breeze

the breath of light open

It is when, everywhere

the affection of our dreams

the distance uniting our smiles

memories expanding beyond ourselves

our ability to overcome ignorant silence

the script of the horizon upholding our vision

your hand touching my lips, my imagination

thoughts of blessings growing to completion

when hope’s height touches the mountain tops 

of our heart, diluting anxiety, anger, adversity, pain,

when forgiveness heals time’s negativity and ignorance

when our ability for positive thoughts multiplies

our strength, to grow a miracle in our hearts


When all positive internal forces, angelic thoughts

remove from the shoulders of the earth the roots

of negativity, when conflict dilutes itself in honeyed water,

when the sea of the heart grow its flow in goodness

allowing the currents of tenderness to fill me with love for you


Then, we replace the imperfection of destiny

with certainty, the wounded reality we delete.

Now stay, not like a dream but real, with me.

© Roula Pollard



Seeds Of Peace


Rare seeds I plant, roots of boundless light,

fruit trees of care and love, in my garden I plant.

Seeds of hope, compassion, togetherness, in the garden of the world, I plant,

seeds of expectation, in countless fields of the world, I plant.


Seeds of understanding I plant,

to grow trust, new plantations of unity.

Seeds of friendship among hostile nations, seeds of change

in the camps of ancient hate, the light of change, I plant.

Seeds of nonviolence I plant,

on the continents of confusion,

on lands where the past ignites the present with blood,

carrying coffins of innocent victims of war.

Seeds of trust I plant,

on new horizons, new seasons of hope,

cultivating fruitful years of the future.

Seeds of sincerity and unity we plant.  

In the monopolies of financial dominance,

in the darkness of political irrationality,

in the hell of fanatical madness,

high on the mountains of the soul, peace I plant.


Day and night, I plant in the soil, in the water, in the air,

in the mind, roots of goodness, day and night I plant.

Flowers from my heart to your heart, good will,

growing within every heart, flourishing peace.

© Roula Pollard,



Heart-Soul Overcomes All Deserts


Desert flowers root and grow

Breath, bloom and bleed on desert land.

How my heart unhurt rooted in yours?

How did I give birth to a new love?

As the Nile’s rich soil fertilizes

Freshness, like a newly born

Fullness with plurality enriches

Caressing harmoniously life still unborn.

How many routes have I encountered?

How many trodden un-trodden footpaths? 

How many dangerous avenues?

How many storms I went past?


How many mountains barefoot, I ascended?

How many river currents I followed? 

How many bridges I crossed in the dark?

How many stars burnt their gas?

How many hells have I descended?

How many hurricanes I went past?

How many winters under snow covered?

How many times I went unhurt?

How many days in expectation?

How many years of trust?

How many centuries of growth?

How many eternities did I last?

© Roula Pollard





ROULA POLLARD, Greek poet, writer, essayist, playwright, translator, literary promoter, social and environmental activist has had published three Poetry collections in Greek, and “Century of Love” in English, translated into Telugu. She has promoted 150 poets, writers and artists, is included in international Poetry anthologies, is published in International literary magazines, has received international Poetry awards and is translated in ten languages.  Roula studied History and Archaeology and obtained an M.A. in Classics, at Leeds University; participated in international festivals. International Ambassador for Peace, Member in the Board of Directors of  Atunis-Galaktika and Athena, her poetry advocates peace, the environment and a new Humanism.


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