Tuesday, June 1, 2021





A Wanderer


A frivolous wanderer

Easy come easy go

He was always somewhere

But in fact never anywhere

He didn't understand the message

Whoever wants will find a way

If the will is strong enough


The void was too deep

To be fulfilled with crumbs

From an empty table

The cry was inaudible

The rose was too hurt

She won't forgive herself


She wasn´t asking for too much

Only one tiny light

To flicker in the pitch-dark

Just one hand and one hug

That she can live in conviction

There is someone after all

Who really cares about


But he called too late

That hungry African child

He couldn't save anymore




Love Me


Let me cover your tender velvety lips

Over and over with my endless kiss

Vanity will be suddenly blown

Even my pain will melt like snow


My heartbeat will show you how we can be

Eternally as one, just you and me




Once when everything will pass

And there will be nothing left

I will sit on that white stone

There on the bank of our river

And recall the past again

And the memory of your restless eyes,

That gold-colored hair,

That mischievous smile

And those chocolate-flavored kisses.

Then again everything will be as before

And I will feel young again

And I´ll be at least for a moment

In love and happy

Like that summer.    




JASMINA SFILIGOJ was born on August 9, 1963 in Zagreb. Her love for poetry has been present since early childhood, and began to develop in elementary school, in the literary group, when the first poems were written. After a long break, she continued to write in 2018, and so far her poems have been published in twenty international poetry collections and several literary magazines. She has received numerous certificates and accolades for her work. In the near future, the first independent collection of poems is planned.     


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