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Writing As A Style Of Life


When pain grips my soul

and a tear is getting ready to go, then I call for help paper and pencil and with new verses, here I am.


I write to survive all these days, to get over the pain that goes through my head, I write when the situation is difficult because writing is my lifestyle.

When love knocks on the door of the heart, the soul when happiness exudes and then my rhyme begins to describe it.


Writing is my way of life because I don’t know how to live differently, so I grab a pen and paper both when I fall and when I admire life.


My verses keep me from all the monsters of this life, but they also share happiness with me when love and beauty come to me.


Writing is my shield from pain, from everyday life when dreams fall apart, and what else is a writer and poet, if not a record of my own soul.



Say No


Get up, woman, wipe away the tears,

punish what your youth has taken from you.

The sister stood up in her pain,

can such a man be loved.

Raise your voice stop the violence say,

think of yourself and your children.

Say no, tears on your face,

not on nights full of sighs and fear,

Not a slap in the face to every rude word,

No bloodstains on your clothes.

Arise, woman, and lift up thy voice;

you are not alone in your pain,

stand up because you have us now,

there is someone who loves you too.





Spring has arrived in our small area,

sunny May has arrived.

The old pear blossomed,

everything turns white


As the little bees buzz happily,

the sun is smiling from the sky.

Field flowers spread their scent,

with spring the whole of nature comes to life.




Nobody As A Poet


No one as a poet, sincerely love, nor purer and stronger in love burns. No one, as a poet, suffers when he loses, nor does he speak so wisely about life.


No one, as a poet, knows how to hide his tears or mourn what his life has taken. From his own pain, creating masterpieces, the poet’s soul in the poem is whole


No one, as a poet, touches the sky, in fact, creates his whole empire. An invisible bridge connects all cities, no one, like a poet awake, dreams.




H.E. Amb.Dr. VILDANA STANISIC is a poet from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has won numerous awards and recognitions in the field of culture and art. Vildana is an ambassador of peace and an ambassador of cultural creativity. She has published in various world anthologies and magazines. She is a member of the World Academy of Arts.



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