Thursday, July 1, 2021







My throne of emerald embraces me

entwined with its fresh twigs

green leaves

shimmering with the depth of forests

my throne is full of birds

who hum their anthems concealed in the leaves

sitting down here

I can see all the ribbons of rivers

and the azure eyes of the oceans

and a rainbow blooms after any rain

summoning all the small creatures

to their feast

in this silence I enjoy music

from the best insect concerts

my throne is full of green

I do adore sitting here

the sunshine splits

in my crystal crown

and I smile

when The Peace arises

in me and you





In between clues

in the shadow of the jump

I weave my life

kind of with you and yet next to it

I weave my braids

staring at the silence of the cosmos





I settle down

my feet slowly

touch the ground penetrating it

like the roots of trees

I am safe

I've found the forgotten pieces


a comprehending the answer

confirms me in all my choices


I create a New Earth reality

accepting the time

and the place where I am 

I watch at the colourful spirals' dance

that lifts me up

higher and higher

I am happy observing

all the energy around

blessing The Earth

The Fire

The Water

The Air

and The Ether

I become love

by embracing them

I talk to myself

and to all of you either

I love

I can see and feel

we are One

you in me in you

with love we do create

our common world




BRYGIDA BŁAŻEWICZ born in 1967 in Bydgoszcz. 1st place winner in the 2nd National Competition Poetic for her work inspired by Bielawa's photographs in 2013 and distinction in the third edition of the same competition. In 2014, she was awarded a distinction in the Polish competition for "Poem about Pułtusk". Author of the book "Ćma"; (Debut in 2013), "The Scent of Violets" (2016), "Moon in Tolo" (2020) Since 2017, she has been a member of the Association of Polish Authors. On behalf of the Association of Polish Authors, she represented Polish culture and the Polish language at a meeting with Poles in Vilnius. Brygida Błażewicz's poems are included in four anthologies organized by the Association of Polish Authors ("Freedom", "Pętla", "Crimson Lines", "Poppies") international anthologies of the Association of Polish Authors. On the occasion of 150 years of Wawer, one of the districts of Warsaw, her 4 poems were included in the anthology Zielony Wawer (2016). Her poems and short stories have been published since 2013 the nationwide literary monthly Libertas, nationwide literary portals Granice and Liternet on the Golden Line social network in the group Poezja, Wers, Poetry Universe, Garden of poets and in many anthologies: Sudecka Poezja and Proza X - Historia na murze (2014), Poet's Garden (2015, 2016), Kawiarenka Poetycka i Kawiarenka Poetycka 2 (2015, 2016), Literary Platform (2016). She creates poetry in Polish and English. Since 2012, she has been running her own poetry page on FB Brygida Błażewicz, Follow me. Since 2018, she has been working with the Pomost radio and television as an editor dealing with the literary side of the broadcasted programs. Her hobbies are: people watching, diving, cycling, classical music, especially Bach's compositions.

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