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Rainbow Follows


 Not all storms are followed by a rainbow.

 Stormy storm spoken,

 to the final impalpable colored rainbow,

 whispered sweets.

 Bow that shoots arrows at the lowest hiding place of the soul,

 reproduces reflections of the seabed

 of unexplored jewels

 into light only after touching the bottom of darkness.

 The dark side only emerges when one has the courage to face adversity.

 To conquer the wonders

 descend, ascend with the same ease and wisdom.

 Understanding how to open the crystal door

 before entering the soul,

 stop and then explore.

 Don't unhinge!

 Building by continuing spiritual path, in the storm,

 faith, hope, charity drenched in love.

 Finally, the rainbow appears.

 Everything belongs to you.




The Time Of Cherries.


 It was a chosen day in the month of May

 made up of expectations, of patient faith,

 without forcing the meeting,

 tacit password is to wait for the right moment,

 if intended from above,

 sooner or later it will come.

 The roots of the cherry trees are already in an invisible, underground embrace,

 so when he knocks on the door of the soul the full-bodied fall down in pairs,

 red fruits of a love that opens to a distant world,

 close by from deep rooted in the veins,

 finally it continues in the uniqueness of an emotional flow of strong energy.

 Grace in a man who is not afraid to show purity of sentiment of his soul,

 moral integrity belongs to him, it is clear from the beginning,

 after some time it is not diminished.

 He is watered with humility and modesty all that God has given him,

 great ability to create,

 essential ingredients the foundations of a boundless love that aims at infinity and beyond.

 They are ripe and pulpy, red cherries,

 roots embraced, hidden in the center of the belly of the Earth.

 So many storms, sometimes raging,

 they have undermined health and flourishing growth,

 there was the acrid smell of the end.

 Check saving rainbow peace ...

 More fantastic than the previous one.

 Love that does not blur the colors

 and vigorously reflects the fire colors of sunrise and sunset

 that remain alive and in them reinforce the feelings in the continuous flow

 where day and night have always lived doubly,

 appetizing like cherries in pairs.  Indestructible simile that,

 for a whole year,

 withstands the time of cherries.







 They mark the important stages of life,

 those that started suddenly,

 made of expectations and forgiveness for the errors accumulated for whims or insipid ideas of false and unjust perceptions.

 Day after day they built an immense castle of presences, attention and care not only those who sing in romantic songs and dedications of poetic verses arising from fountains of words that in the course of the streams are channeled into the river bed to flow water of crystalline thoughts when  they pour into the sea in the expanse of the infinite ocean.

 The calendar has devoured the minutes, hours and days that flowed into a single date that God gave in the month of the Celestial Mother, dedicated to mothers, the most beautiful month of the year for women and brides.  Companion of a man to discover together, without candlelight, because they reflect light and the gift of love that he holds in the heart divided in two and multiplied by the loved ones who surround in the embrace happy to be partakers of so much joy.

 Date that marks the beginning of a meeting already organized from above and the witness stars fall down to kiss and bring Jesus' blessing.

 The date of our love is important.




Elisa Mascia: Born in Santa Croce di Magliano (Cb) in 1956, she lives in San Giuliano di Puglia (Cb).  She is a retired teacher. You have participated in many national and international poetry competitions, obtaining prizes, certificates of participation, merits and honorable mentions. In July 2019, her first collection of poems by her was published in the Silloge entitled "La Grattugia della Luna" with "L’ inedito ". She participated in the Histonium Prize in 2019 with the Silloge of 10 unpublished poems inspired by 10 paintings by the great artist and poet Erminio Girardo who held the role of teacher for her, marking a decisive turning point in her activity as a poet-writer. You translated the poems of the poet NilavroNill Shoovro.  The book of poems "Savage Wind" published by "L’Inedito" by poet Asoke Kumar Mitra was translated and edited in September 2019. Since February 2020 she is a member of WikiPoesia.  She is presenter of the program En Alas del Fénix-collaborator in Radio Krysol Internazionale with video-declamation of her own poems and of other authors in Italian and Castellano language. Since February 2021 she has been the creator, organizer and presenter of the program "Sentieri di vita" broadcast on Radio Krysol Internazionale.  She donor of voice to the project A voice of the dark-Theater in the dark-Timeless with Radio Stella marina. Editor from San Giuliano di Puglia (Campobasso) Molise, of the online Newspaper "La Voce degli Italiani" and Alessandria today.  You collaborate with the Nicaraguan periodist Carlos Javier Jarquin.  Coordinator of Italy and Administrator in the Albap Academy.  She is in Hacedores Literarios by prof.  Nicolás Hidrogo Navarro. Member of the board of directors of RENAISSANCE MILLENNIUM III of George Onsy.


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