Thursday, July 1, 2021





To The Capitals Of Lock Down


Our days didn‘t brighten up


even now that spring is here.

Even if the roads are all open


there is nowhere to go.


Here in this lane


we will survive


until our values will shine


like equations


with mathematical precession.


Unexpected Collection


(Dedicated to my beautiful and talented daughter Anna)



I collected


sun, mountain and seas


from the universe


to make your dowry.



I went to talk to the nights


so that the stars will write your future bright.


I sat down to hear the sound of the flowers


the colours of the birds


so that your life will be full of beautiful shades



But when I heard


the unexpected sound of your microscopic heard


my life was filled with


music, colours and light.



Shopping List



When you come


bring me


salty almonds


green spicy jelly babies


mountain tea


a big blue pottery jug


and from the baker


bring me


the crumbs


of his optimism.




XANTHI HONDROU-HILL studied German Literature and Linguistics at the University of Stuttgart, Journalism at the University of Hohenheim and Public Relations Management at Klett-WBS, in Stuttgart. She has worked as a multi-lingual teacher, journalist, translator for poetry and public relations manager. She has lived in Greece, Germany, Holland and Great Britain, and speaks several languages. Currently she is living in Naoussa, in North Greece. She has organized in the past years many poetry events, in cooperation with the local municipality and the archaeological secretary of the Prefecture of Imathias. In Germany she worked as Public Relations Manager for the Greek General Consulate in Stuttgart, designing, organizing and executing multi-level campaign to improve the Greek fame in Germany. She is writing poetry since high school. Her poems have been published in the University Newspaper of Stuttgart and in big newspapers like Stuttgarter Zeitung. Additionally, she participated in anthologies in cooperation with the Greek Society of Writers in Germany, "Gute Reise meine Augen" and the yearly anthology of the House of Writers in Stuttgart "Almanac". In Greece she runs the cultural Facebook page "ΚΙΝΗΣΗ για τα ΓΡΑΜΜΑΤΑ και τις ΤΕΧΝΕΣ" dedicated to poetry and arts, organizes events and is helping organize events like "Poetry on Rails" and her poems are published in the anthology APIKO and in many digital social media pages. She is currently working as public relations consultant for a European Art Platform.

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