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Body And Soul


Dedicated To Yukio Mishima


The believer brings candle lit ahead of

the little prayer book. Proof of

his great faith it is; though

just object miserable. Human life is

not worth even as much as that item, its

death awaits thus, that breath last.

But not only a soul, also a body has

the valuable one; the body / the matter listens

the soul, when is consistently with care provided. If

nothing else then at least food and air

enter it, and then from the believer

the garbage comes out. So the

believer has to take care of the body until

his last breath; the body for the soul

is its only temple. Because the candle in

brief will burn out, and then that temple will be


The believer has the soul, but he can't

beat the matter, while

knowing he can't have it. The same as his

predecessors. As in the golden pavilion,

unlike those previous priests.

They had more money for their feelings,

while having something to spend on pleasures.




Moderate (Journalist) Shit


With the lies from his morning column

the so-called one for the rights of homeless children

the hallway by the front door

and the interior of the balcony he whitewashed.

The coins for this in the "Golden Circle" buffet,

the one next to the Russian Embassy, under the newspaper

while he was supposedly reading it, were placed for him,

inclusive for the proliferation services of the “news”

about the child traders; somebody left

yellow-glittering items - in the inbox

for fishing, in the garage of the cottage

inherited from his partisan father -

from him were collected, with which to his daughter

who with his divorced wife in The South-

African Republic had moved,

he bought a Bulgari ring and a Moschino sweater.

Once it seemed he forgot to write everything

as he was told, and his tiny sold head

with a wire around his neck was wrapped

by a gentleman who entered through the balcony door.

But fortunately this one, like all Macedonian journalists

was extremely messy, so the banana peel

from today's breakfast had thrown on the ground.

The perpetrator stepped on it, from the balcony

freshly whitewashed edge broke his spine

leaving a trail of blood. The journalist was saved,

but as long as the insight lasted, just dark thoughts

in his not particularly developed mind revolved,

which were: How will he find the money for re-

whitewashing, now they really screwed him up.




USB / Quit


Thread the USB in the hole

induce the new files, let them flow.

Then learn how to stop doing that.

As everything in true hell will turn in for you

then pressure the net and all will stop.

So angry will not become everyone

me and you-network are even.

Translated & Versified From Macedonian Into English

By The Author




IGOR POP TRAJKOV is one of the most productive authors in the region of South-East Europe, not just in North Macedonia. His literary works include all kinds of texts, like theater pieces, prose, poetry, essays, columns, journalism and reviews. He wrote a lot of theory which he published at the prestigious foreign universities and institutes. The works of this author were translated in many languages. He is currently working on his PhD in Cultural Studies at the Institute of Macedonian Literature. Igor Pop Trajkov is also renowned visual artist, designer and film director.


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  1. Dear OPA,

    Please correct the last verse in my poem USB/Quit. Please write everything just the way I mailed it to you.

    It seems you pasted wrongly. It should be like this:

    me and you-network are even.

    Please change this as soon as possible.

    All the best, Igor.

    Few days ago I wrote you email and FB message about this.